OCHIN boosts Bend office with cross training that grows health information technology (HIT) business in Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska

After the acquisition of Central Oregon Electronic Medical Records (COEMR) in 2010, Cindy Dulley became an OCHIN employee and successfully helped to grow the OCHIN operation in eastern and southern Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.

Jul 18, 2013, 08:31 ET from OCHIN

PORTLAND, Ore., July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cindy Dulley joined OCHIN in 2010 with the acquisition of COEMR, and today she is managing the OCHIN Bend office. Building on a billing and operations background at COEMR, Dulley is using her leadership acumen to cross train staff, build the skills of OCHIN's six Bend electronic health record sales and support staff, and deepen penetration in southern and eastern Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.

"Cindy's continual and positive presence throughout the acquisition really helped our relationships with both customers and the local community," stated Kevin Geoffroy, OCHIN's VP of EHR operations. "OCHIN strives to provide clients with a seamless product and service integration that eases the burden of change for medical providers and their staffs so that they can focus on treating their patients."

"After the acquisition, we were fortunate to maintain all of our COEMR staff members," said Dulley. "Becoming a part of OCHIN has added resources and tools to our e-Clinical Works EMR that can help all providers to successfully manage state and federal healthcare requirements and better serve their patients."

After hearing that OCHIN had acquired COEMR to provide continuity of service to local providers, Oregon Senator Tim Knopp, Bend, Oregon, commented, "I am always glad to hear success stories where businesses work together in support of customers and employees—this was the right formula for Oregon, and I am very happy about Ms. Dulley's promotion."

Established in 2000 through a partnership with CareOregon, the Oregon Primary Care Association, Multnomah County Health Department, Clackamas County Health Department, and Virginia Garcia Health Clinics, OCHIN became an independent nonprofit in 2002. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, OCHIN is one of the nation's largest Health Information Networks and is recognized for its innovative use of Health IT to improve the integration and delivery of health care services across a wide variety of practices. With an historical emphasis on safety net clinics and small practices, OCHIN has expanded to include private practice provider and specialists. To date, OCHIN operates in 14 states and supports 70 health center networks and over 4,500 medical providers who serve over a 2.5 million patients. For more information, visit www.ochin.org

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