October 21st Rapture Fears About Friends, Family and Pets Assuaged by TimeofEnd.com

Believers in Harold Camping, the upcoming Rapture, tribulation or earthquake on October 21 can rest soundly using a Religious Power of Attorney form to ensure people and property left behind are in the hands of someone they trust.

Oct 14, 2011, 11:13 ET from Time of End

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Oct. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Anyone worried about their family, friends, pets, or property after Harold Camping’s predicted October 21st Rapture, Judgment Day, or the next earthquake can benefit from the TimeofEnd.com’s Power of Attorney form to choose exactly who they want to manage their resources after the Rapture, for what purpose and for whose benefit.

What happened on May 21st? Harold Camping’s website Familyradio.com states the earlier date was a warning period and God is now in his final judgment period. There are many beliefs as to what will happen soon.  Some believe we are now in a pre-tribulation period commencing with tribulation for non-believers at the Rapture. Others think that the Rapture will occur on October 21, leaving non-believers in a post-tribulation. Finally, there are those who believe that we are currently in a tribulation time which will end on October 21st with the final Judgment Day.

Before Harold Camping’s prior predicted May 21st Rapture date, sites such as Eternal Earth Bound Pets and After the Rapture Pet Care promoted planning for post-Rapture pet care but left many worried about the morality of those providing the care and frustrated that there was no one to help people left behind.  

Timeofend.com offers a way to address exactly those fears.  Believers can purchase a Religious Power of Attorney form and designate who they want to supervise their affairs, how their wishes should be carried out, and what or who should be cared for: children, parents, a business, pets or anything else.  An ounce of legal planning can allay a pound of worry.

TimeofEnd.com spokesperson Cynthia MacGregor commented, "No matter what your personal beliefs about the future, you will rest more soundly knowing that whatever and whoever you love about most will be cared for, as you’ve directed, in the way you’ve specified, by someone you trust."

Time of End was founded to relieve people’s anxiety in these increasingly uncertain times. For more information, see www.timeofend.com.

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