Odds on Charlie Sheen Popping the Question, Knocking up the Goddesses from BetOnline

Mar 10, 2011, 11:53 ET from BetOnline

PANAMA CITY, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Up and coming online Sportsbook BetOnline (http://www.betonline.com) today announced odds on a variety of "Charlie Sheen proposition bets," including "Will Charlie get either of the Goddesses pregnant?" "Will he hit 3,000,000 Twitter followers by 3/20/11?" and "Will Charlie marry either Goddess by 12/31/11?"

"Charlie's long been a favorite for sports bettors; he's a drinker, gambler and down and dirty dog just like us," Dave Mason, BetOnline Sportsbook manager says. "We'd love to host him down here in Panama and would love to have him on the site. Tweet me @DaveMasonBOL if you're up for it!"

In the meantime, the money's saying it's four to one that one of the goddesses will be knocked up by New Year's Eve--"Look at his track record," Mason says. And it's 10 to one that they both will be.

But it's only two to one that he'll get hitched to one. "Look at his track record," Mason says again. At one to two, it is very likely he will "hit three million Twitter followers by March 20."

His replacement on Two and a Half Men? Dad is the 100 to one long shot, brother Emilio Estevez also out there at fifty to one, but Jeremy Piven is coming in right on the nose at two and a half to one. Please note that all odds are subject to change, check BetONline.com for the latest.

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