Odobo Launches HTML5 Games Development Program for Regulated Gambling Industry

Nov 28, 2012, 07:26 ET from Odobo

GIBRALTAR, November 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Odobo, the new HTML5 games development program and platform for the regulated online gambling industry, has launched today.

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Odobo is accepting applications to its Game Developer Program from game studios and producers. This presents a new opportunity for game developers to capitalise on the high-value players in the online gambling industry via distribution through licensed casino operators worldwide.

Founder and CEO Ashley Lang, who brings Odobo 12 years of senior management experience in the international gambling industry, said: "It's very likely that the blockbuster game that will help take online casino gambling mainstream has not been invented yet. We thought, 'how would any developer with that great game idea overcome all the hurdles in today's industry?' Something needed to change."

Average revenues per user are 20 times higher than social and casual gaming, and tens of millions of active players are forecast to generate revenues in excess of USD $32bn by 2015. Odobo enables developers and operators to work together to realise the true potential of this high-growth industry.

Lang said: "Casino operators invest millions in marketing and are actively seeking new and high-quality content from a wider variety of developers to engage existing players and attract tomorrow's new ones. We saw a big opportunity to revisit the way content is created, distributed, marketed and monetised to the benefit of all stakeholders."

The Odobo Game Development Kit (GDK) supports HTML5 game production based upon engines and random number generators that are certified by industry-accredited third-party testing facilities. Odobo looks after localisation and makes all approved games available in multiple currencies and languages.

Games built within the framework of the Odobo Developer Program are unique in that they rival top-quality Flash games on the desktop while also supporting the rapid shift towards tablets and smartphones. All approved games are available to casino operators via the Odobo marketplace - a B2B content "app store" for the industry - launching in early 2013.

The consumer-facing Odobo Play portal launches in first quarter of 2013. Every game, developer and casino operator will have their own profile page, acting as a new marketing channel and allowing anyone to promote Odobo games, the studios that produce them, and the casinos that support their play.  

"There is a lot of excitement over the convergence of social and regulated gaming. We have designed the Odobo platform to enable and support innovation, while operating within a regulatory framework where responsible gaming and fair-play measures are in place to protect the players," added Lang.

The Odobo platform, GDK and marketplace are the result of over 18 months of development by a team of over 40 industry engineers, architects, designers, and developers. Odobo has invested millions into building a sophisticated, high-volume platform that supports a vast number of players. The company is based in Gibraltar, a globally-recognised regulatory jurisdiction and the home of the largest online casino operators.

For developers requiring assistance with HTML5 game production, Odobo offers access to an in-house HTML5 game development team. Once a developer's game is live, they can use a comprehensive analytics platform for unparalleled real-time gameplay visibility and historic reporting. This gives developers unique insights into the key metrics driving their game's success.

For more information visit http://www.odobo.com

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