Odotech Inc. launches OdoSulf --- real-time, 24/7, 2 ppb hydrogen sulfide (H2S) monitor

Dec 16, 2010, 11:51 ET from ODOTECH

MONTREAL, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ - Odotech Inc., winner of several prestigious innovation and Cleantech awards, has added another technology breakthrough to its list of firsts. Its new OdoSulf system measures H2S down to 2 ppb, close to the odor perception threshold. Using real-time automated dispersion modelling it can display on the plant operator's screen the H2S dispersion plume (impact), while archiving all H2S and weather data.

Hydrogen sulfide is toxic at high concentrations. At low concentrations, although not toxic, H2S is very smelly and is a main reason for odor complaints in the vicinity of certain facilities. In many jurisdictions around the world, H2S emissions are strictly regulated. Being able to measure and monitor those emissions round-the-clock is crucial for any proactive plant that wishes to be compliant and a good neighbor.

Odotech's CEO Thierry Pagé credits Odotech's environmental and technological expertise as well as its knowledge of plant operators' needs with the company's ability to design OdoSulf. Pagé said, "Our OdoSulf H2S monitoring system is what we knew users needed. They were asking us for it, a system that can send the plant operator e-mail alerts when H2S levels are reaching a threshold in the vicinity. There was nothing quite like it before."

About Odotech Inc.

Odotech is a Cleantech company specializing in the measurement and monitoring of industrial odors. Its activities are Product R&D, Manufacturing and consulting services. Sold worldwide, Odotech products are applied every day by users and consultants in many different industries (composting, waste storage/landfill, waste water treatment, rendering, refineries, mining, food processing, etc). Odotech provides tools for industry to be a better neighbour and saves odor-control expenses. Odotech has developed automated systems for the monitoring and management of site odors (OdoScan) and electronic nose networks (OdoWatch). OdoScan and OdoWatch now allow 24/7 monitoring of environmental odor emissions. The systems alert operators when odors reach threshold values, enabling them to proactively respond before an odor problem occurs. OdoWatch helps reduce odor complaints while achieving efficiencies and saving odor neutralizer chemical costs.