OfferMobi Continues Rapid Growth for Mobile Advertisers in Dating Vertical

First US-based mobile performance marketing network builds on momentum in dating vertical; increases conversions by more than 21 percent, clicks by 20 percent, in past month alone

Dec 15, 2010, 10:00 ET from OfferMobi

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- OfferMobi, the first US-based Mobile Affiliate Network, announced today the significant growth the company has experienced since launch earlier this year among clients in the dating vertical. Following the significant momentum that OfferMobi has achieved over the past few months, the company has experienced growth in their client base, retention and success rates in the  dating vertical, improved clicks and conversion rates, and increased ROI on their mobile advertising and lead generation  campaigns.  

In particular, OfferMobi was able to increase conversion rates for advertisers in the dating vertical by more than 21 percent in the past month alone, as well as increasing click volume by nearly 20 percent. This momentum followed the improvements that OfferMobi achieved in the previous month for its dating customers, when conversion rates increased by nearly 14 percent and clicks grew by 120 percent.

The company has also seen an increase in the amount of paid customers for dating advertisers, including those who have given credit card submissions or sign up for premium SMS, which ultimately gets billed to the carrier.

OfferMobi's Cost-per-Action (CPA) model has proven to be successful across many  verticals, especially for advertisers in the dating space, who are seeking to increase leads and targeted actions among their customers and prospects on the mobile platform. With its targeting capabilities, the OfferMobi platform enables these advertisers in the dating sector to target prospects on mobile based on their geographic location, carrier and handset type, as well as age, gender and ethnic background.

"The rapid growth we've experienced over the past few months is proof that OfferMobi's CPA model is the most effective mobile advertising model for clients in the dating vertical," said Mark Roth, OfferMobi CEO. "We are constantly working with advertisers in the dating vertical, as well as other industries such as education, entertainment and several others, helping these companies improve traffic sources, targeting capabilities, leads, and ultimately, sales, via the mobile platform."

This announcement follows a string of milestone achievements which OfferMobi has announced since its launch in April 2010. Among the key milestones the company has achieved are the growth of its client base to more than 8,000 mobile publishers and 60 brand advertisers, as well as delivering industry-leading performance metrics for its customers such as increasing conversions by more than 260% and click rates by over 180%, and receiving over three million clicks monthly on the network.

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About OfferMobi:

OfferMobi is the first USA-based mobile affiliate network. Launched in early 2010, OfferMobi has amassed a loyal following of over 8,000 mobile publishers who are seeking performance based commissions from ad campaigns they can run in mobile advertising channels. OfferMobi acts as both a mobile agency and a performance based network for advertisers who wish to promote their mobile enabled website, App, or click to call/pay per call campaign. OfferMobi works with mobile publishers who own well-travelled mobile destinations, popular app owners and other mobile ad networks to increase the revenue they earn from their mobile ad inventories on a performance basis.

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