Gives Every Workplace an Anonymous Water Cooler

The first anonymous social network allows employees to exchange ideas on a level playing field and gossip with their co-workers

Aug 02, 2011, 09:42 ET from

ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Office Leaks (, a new social media platform created for employees, is changing workplace culture from the inside out by giving every office an anonymous forum. This allows employees to freely express their thoughts without navigating office politics or the threat of repercussions.


"Office Leaks is genuinely 'pro-employee' in an economy that is not," says Ryan Masanz, the site's creator. "Every day we hear about lay-offs, foreclosures, and bills targeting workers' rights -- and the decision to stand up and speak your mind is a difficult one. Office Leaks levels the playing field to encourage challenging ideas and honest criticism."

Office Leaks is determined to create mini-movements in organizations all over the U.S., and beyond. Employees from over 500 companies are already enrolled in the site, with new companies signing up daily.

Privacy is a top priority for Office Leaks, and employees can be confident that their posts are anonymous. "We built this from the ground up to ensure anonymity, even from ourselves.  Simply put, there are no backdoors to an employee's account, posts, or identifying information. The less data we keep -- the better.  It's the safest and most secure way to do it," says Masanz.

Office Leaks is free for employees to use, but the site also invites managers and owners to join by offering companies the ability to sponsor their employee forums for a monthly fee without compromising employee anonymity. This provides sponsoring companies with several features, including the ability to make their community private, control search engine visibility, and moderate conversations.

Masanz is convinced that Office Leaks will be a game-changer for both employers and employees. "In the end, we're a passive conduit between the doers and the decision-makers. Bridging the gap between the two could fundamentally change the workplace as we know it."


Founded in April of 2011, provides a free platform for employees and employers to engage in anonymous dialogue. The site is designed to foster honest debate and productive conversations that enhance workplace culture. Companies also have a sponsorship option, which offers them uncensored feedback, limited moderation rights, and controlled visibility of their community.

Contact: Ryan Masanz