Ohio-based Hosted Technology Exchange LLC to Demonstrate Cost Savings and Efficiency Impact of Shared Technology and Managed Services at Ohio's EfficientGovNetwork Regional Collaboration Conference

Sep 21, 2011, 16:01 ET from Hosted Technology Exchange LLC

HUDSON, Ohio, Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hosted Technology Exchange LLC (HTEx), www.htexch.com, an Ohio-based company, announced that Don Shoemaker, founder of HTEx, will speak at the EfficientGovNetwork Regional Collaboration Conference, October 13, 2011 at the John S. Knight Center, Akron, Ohio ( www.efficientgovnow.org/resources/egnetconference.html). Mr. Shoemaker, a panelist, will share proven ways for public and private entities to take advantage of local and regional collaboration in order to share technology, leverage purchasing power, improve efficiencies, acquire advanced communication applications, cut waste and reduce cost.

HTEx is a managed technology cooperative with independent participating solution partners, maximizing cost efficiency for its members through group buying power, network design, managed services, and facilitated collaboration. When asked why a business should seek membership in HTEx, Daniel Quigg, Chief Executive Officer of HTEx said, "Many organizations approach their voice and data equipment, internal (LAN) and external (WAN) networks, applications and maintenance costs as discrete components. Whereas these components really are interrelated and interdependent, a more effective holistic analysis is essential." Quigg went on to say, "Our approach results in enhanced communication functionality, a lower total cost of ownership and in most cases, the strategic end game solution being funded from ongoing cost savings. HTEx members are transforming how they communicate and use technology. They are becoming more agile and responsive businesses with improved process and customer experiences."

HTEx advocates for its members when building solutions and strategic plans, redesigning IT and telecommunication infrastructure, or providing best-in-class sourcing and services. And, HTEx members have realized, on average, 30% savings on IT and telecom expenses.

About Hosted Technology Exchange LLC (HTEx): Hosted Technology Exchange, a managed technology cooperative, serving local government, higher education, healthcare, business, schools and other sectors. HTEx provides its members with expert guidance to build a unique strategic technology road map and recommends the optimum solution to achieve it. HTEx provides a full range of innovative technology solutions, transforming collaboration into a better bottom line.  www.htexch.com

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