Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Set to Release New Book, The Debt Bomb

Behind the scenes account will expose offenders on both sides of the aisle, tell the maddening story of how America has arrived at the precipice of fiscal calamity ... and why some still refuse to hit the brakes

Coburn: "We will be Greece in two years"; Plan details how we can still avert a crisis

Feb 29, 2012, 17:11 ET from Thomas Nelson

WASHINGTON, Feb. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In a candid and non-partisan expose set to release on April 17, Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn, the man many in Washington refer to as "Dr. No," will detail who and what he claims has led the United States to the edge of financial calamity.

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Bucking the conventional wisdom that blames lobbyists, gridlock and obstructionism, Coburn will instead place the responsibility on members of Congress — in both parties — who he says refuse to let go of the perks of power in order to serve the true interests of the nation.

"America is facing a crisis of leadership. Our debt is the greatest threat to our economic and national security, yet Washington continues to make the problem worse. I wrote this book to help spark the adult conversation about our challenges the American people are longing for, but Washington has avoided. The American people deserve to hear the truth. They can handle it, even if Washington can't," Coburn says. "And, that truth is that we will be Greece in two years if we do nothing. The good news is that there is not a problem before us that cannot be solved. My hope is that this book will give the American people the tools they need to hold Washington accountable and produce real change."

According to publisher Thomas Nelson, Coburn will (among other things):

  • Expose the power-grabbing, the quick (non) fixes and the under-the-table deals that have undermined our security and future
  • Call out the bad actors in both parties
  • Offer a practical analysis of what can be done — not vaguely or in principle, but laid out step-by-step and item-by-item, including hundreds of programs that could be cut, saving up to $9 trillion dollars

The book will be divided into two separate parts, 'The Problem: Where We Are and How We Got Here' and 'The Solution: Defusing the Debt Bomb.'  Among the 13 chapters are: The Triumph of Politicians, Burning Bridges to Nowhere, Getting to No, The Entitlement Trap, The Tax Reformation, and Defense: Peace Through Strength Through Streamlining.

Endorsements include:

"The five loveliest words in the English language are those that begin the First Amendment: 'Congress shall make no law . . .' Notice the most underused word in contemporary Washington: 'No.' Fortunately, Tom Coburn uses it with gusto in attacking the crisis so well described in this book. He is a man with a plan, and the steely determination to implement it."

George F. Will, nationally syndicated columnist

"The Debt Bomb is superb. It's a smart, gutsy, and captivating take on how Washington got us into this mess—it then gives the taxpayers some real answers and solutions as to how to get out of it! If you're sick and tired of Washington politicians making excuses and pandering mush, this book will be a sheer delight. Tom Coburn tells the truth, and tips over everyone's sacred cows."

Al Simpson, former Senator

"Nobody understands our nation's fiscal nightmare better than Dr. Coburn, and no one else has proposed more concrete ways to attack our fiscal problems. Tom Coburn gets it. He readily admits there is no easy way out of the fiscal mess our politicians have gotten us into. And he is bold enough and smart enough to propose real solutions that will put our fiscal house in order. Tom Coburn is my hero."

Erskine Bowles, White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton


SOURCE Thomas Nelson