Oncology Clinician Embraces Skin Care Benefits Of Calendula

Jul 21, 2015, 07:11 ET from My Girls Skin Care

BOSTON, July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing moment that can leave patients in shock as they process the reality of their diagnosis and worry about recovery. It's no wonder that they may not think about the importance of skin care as they begin radiation therapy. Yet skin care during and after radiation is essential to patients feeling good and regaining their physical and emotional health, says Brenna Quinn, Occupational Therapist and Lymphology Association of North America lymphedema-certified therapist at Cape Cod Healthcare.

Radiated skin can become irritated, burned and blistered, causing pain and discomfort. In severe cases, radiated skin can break down and develop open wounds that can complicate and delay treatment.  Quinn advises her patients to care for their skin early; two weeks prior to treatment, continuing several weeks after radiation is completed.

"This is important because surgical scars can become hard from radiation if they are not properly cared for. I want my patients' skin to be strengthened so it can withstand six weeks of radiation without breaking down," explains Quinn.

Although creams made with aloe or petroleum are often recommended for radiation burn care and skin side effects of radiation therapy, Quinn says that calendula creams like My Girls Skin Care and now My Guys for men, are giving the status quo a run for its money. Due to calendula's benefits on radiated skin, clinicians increasingly recommend it.

"I love calendula!" says Quinn. "My patients like that it's plant-based, cooling and spreads easily."

According to Quinn, her patients using the cream after radiation treatments haven't had as much skin breakdown as she typically sees – especially patients with fair or fragile skin.

Keeping skin intact is part of a self-care hygiene regimen that helps regain a sense of well-being. "Losing a breast is a traumatic experience.  Helping patients get back in contact with their new bodies, scars and all, can help heal physically and emotionally," Quinn adds. 

"We recommend My Girls & Guys to rectal, head and neck, lung and breast patients and are seeing good results."  Radiation Oncology Nurse, CA

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