One Nation Working Together Program Focuses on Issues, Mobilization and Everyday People

Oct 02, 2010, 07:37 ET from One Nation Working Together

Unfamiliar faces and familiar leaders unite in rallies from Lincoln Memorial to cities and towns across America for jobs, justice and public education

WASHINGTON, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Exactly one month before voters head to the polls for this year's mid-term elections, a broad breadth of people from across the country head to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to participate in the One Nation Working Together march on Washington.  Those gathered on the mall include the employed and unemployed, union workers and environmentalists, familiar civil rights leaders and unfamiliar faith leaders, veterans of war and veterans of the 1963 March on Washington, immigrants and Native Americans, peace leaders and student leaders, LGBT community and senior citizens as well as those from big cities and small towns -- all who believe in the American Dream.  The march will extend beyond the Lincoln Memorial to cities and towns throughout the Nation hosting similar activities in Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as well as extensive online activity.

One Nation Working Together is a movement of people from every state in our union, from diverse backgrounds and hometowns that make America strong.  Our future depends on a strong economy, which is inextricably linked to good jobs and quality public education. We are committed to pulling America together and putting America back to work.

"On 10.2.10, thousands of people who traveled by buses, blogmobile, planes, trains, cars, and local transportation will be in Washington to share their concerns on issues they care deeply about -- jobs, justice and public education," said Leah Daughtry, campaign director of the One Nation Working Together march.  "The program is designed to showcase visually and verbally why people are here -- and what this march means to their lives and to their futures."

Focused on amplifying the voices of progressives while inspiring and re-energizing a strong sense of civic engagement, the pre-rally interfaith service and march program includes a mix of mobilizing messages interspersed with music and moments of laughter.  A series of remarks addressing jobs, public education and justice will be delivered by uncommon pairings of people representing different views and communities but united by a common goal.  The program moderators are television and radio personalities.  

As the rally ends, the ongoing civic engagement begins.  Those gathered will be asked to make the 10.2.10 pledge:  call 10 people; recruit 2 friends to make more calls; and commit to 10 volunteer hours to getting out the vote.

Highlights of the overall program are outlined below.

11:00 am EDT

Pre-Rally Interfaith Service:  11:00 - 11:45 am EDT

This program includes the blowing of the shofar, sacred readings by faith leaders and musical selections.

12:00 pm

Rally Program: 12-4:00 pm EDT

Opening:  Moderators DJ Reborn and Ed Schultz

Pledge of Allegiance

Star Spangled Banner (Opera singer Angela Brown)

Historical Reading:  "Why We March"

Performance:  Urban National Choir

Video:  Jobs

Historical Speech:  "I Have a Dream"

12:30 pm

Jobs Segment

Historical reading by Wendell Pierce

Remarks:  Mary Kay Henry and Jackie Johnson

Performance:  Black Ice

Remarks:  Van Jones and Gayl Caul

Remarks:  Rev. Al Sharpton and Lindsay McCluskey

Performance:  Charlie Hill

Remarks:  Larry Cohen and Barbara Elliot

Remarks:  Richard Trumka and Diana Ortiz

Remarks:  Ellie Flores and Bishop Garrison

Remarks:  Min. Lisa O'Reiley and Father Simon Bautista

1:30 pm

Public Education/Civil Rights Segment:  Moderator Tom Joyner

Education Video

Historical Cesar Chavez Speech Reading:  Harry Belafonte

Performance:  "America the Beautiful" by Frederic Yonnet

Remarks:  Ben Jealous and Marian Wright Edelman

Remarks:  Deepak Bhargava and Colin Whited

Performance:  Paul Rodriguez

Remarks:  Dennis Van Roekel and Wade Henderson

Historical Harvey Milk Speech Reading:  Victoria Rowell

Remarks:  Randi Weingarten and Rev. Freddie Haynes

Performance: Beau Sia

Remarks:  Margaret Moran and Greg Cendana

Video:  Justice

2:30 pm

Justice Segment:  Moderator Joe Madison

Performance:  Julissa

Video:  Environment

Remarks:  Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins and Bob King

Remarks:  Hiawatha Brown and Bill McKibben

Performance:  Alix Olson

Remarks:  Rev. Jesse Jackson and Yves Gomes


Remarks:  Janet Murguia and Iman Malik Mujahid

Historical Speech Reading

Remarks:  George Gresham and Liz Allen

Remarks:  Luis Gutierrez and Darlene Nipper

Historical Remarks: Why We March Call to Action

Performance:  One Nation Under a Groove by George Clinton Band

The program ends at 4:00 p.m.
Text:  ONE to 62227
Tweet:  #DC10210

SOURCE One Nation Working Together