One of the Only Few: New JAVA to .NET Bridge is Rapidly Gaining Interest

Jan 23, 2014, 11:35 ET from JavOnet

WARSAW, January 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

JavOnet is a new JAVA to .NET bridge recently released by a Polish company based in Warsaw. JavOnet bridge allows using any .NET solutions directly in the JAVA projects. Although still new and not that popular like other bridges available on the market, javOnet wins enthusiasts very quickly. Those who have evaluated javOnet share their truly positive opinions with the product owner and with each other. The new bridge has already been purchased by a number of companies representing different businesses, including education, transportation, and banking.

What makes javOnet attractive is the reliability of the solution and the fact that it can be set up in a few minutes after downloading. There is no need to dive into sophisticated configuration. No need to install IDE plug-ins, generate proxy classes, adapt existing .NET codes, or anything of this kind. The developers value javOnet for its simplicity, which does not affect the capabilities of the solution. JavOnet might be utilized in various scenarios. It proves its efficiency in both big and smaller implementations. It might cope reliably with the most fragile data or systems in any enterprise.

If there is a need to communicate between two heterogeneous systems written in JAVA and .NET or take advantage of legacy software components, javOnet would be the right tool to choose. Thanks to javOnet, companies may extend the solutions they offer by implementing previously unavailable functionality because of the interoperability impediments. Although it is possible to develop custom in-house solutions to solve the interoperability issues, all the research done by the javOnet team reveals that this approach is highly uneconomic or suffers when it comes to efficiency and performance. It consumes not only a lot of time but also company resources and requires complex maintenance with constant development and adjustments for new functionalities. Generic interoperability solutions can only be developed by highly experienced developers with vast programming knowledge. It also requires the perfect communication and cooperation of different specialists programming in JAVA, .NET, and C++. These are the reasons for not starting this kind of side projects in the development units. In most cases, this distracts development teams from their main tasks, which are crucial for the business. No company would possibly abandon ongoing projects in order to prepare tools that are necessary to perform the particular tasks. That is why tools like bridges are, in most cases, acquired from third-party companies.

JavOnet solution is the natural reaction to the present demand of the market. There are not too many options available when it comes to JAVA and .NET bridging. And the solutions that are visible on the market are not the most comfortable to use most of the time. That is why one of the main goals of javOnet was to prepare a solution that would be the easiest JAVA to .NET bridge that ever existed and would remain highly reliable, fast, flexible, and light.

JavOnet can be thoroughly tested before the purchase. The trial version of the product is available to any programmer or company struggling with interoperability issues. When the customer is sure that javOnet solves his or her issues, then the purchase is done. During the evaluation process, we are always there to answer any questions or provide professional help for the developers. In addition to this, there is a precise documentation and quick start guide available on the javOnet website. All the licenses of javOnet are sold with support packages. If there is any need for professional support and advice, anybody from the customer's company may ask questions and obtain the needed help.

The solution is available in three different license options, which include server, desktop, and developer licenses. Licenses need to be purchased accordingly with the environment where they are about to be used by the company.

JavOnet is a very promising alternative to the already-available solutions. It is not surprising that it catches the interest of developers all over the world. It seems to be perfectly suited to all the issues that developers come across in their work.

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