One Year of Collars Not Cruelty in the Fight against Rabies

Sep 27, 2012, 13:55 ET from World Society for the Protection of Animals

WSPA's successful global campaign to protect dogs launches new projects in Bangladesh, the Philippines and Indonesia

BOSTON, Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- One year since the launch of its Collars Not Cruelty campaign, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is proving that compassion and vaccination work in the fight to protect dogs, safeguard communities and end rabies. 

Every year, 20 million dogs are brutally killed in attempts to stop rabies – an effort that is not only cruel, but also ineffective. Through Collars Not Cruelty, WSPA works with local partners and authorities to stop the killing of dogs and instead set up vaccination clinics.

"These dogs are vaccinated against rabies and given bright red collars so the community knows they are safe," said Ray Mitchell, International Director of Campaigns at WSPA. "As we've already seen through our projects in Bali and Bangladesh, this approach not only saves dogs from being killed but also protects community members from rabies."

Since the launch of the Collars Not Cruelty campaign last year, WSPA has worked with partners in Cox's Bazar and Dhaka City, Bangladesh to vaccinate tens of thousands of dogs. Both efforts were mirrored after a WSPA-led project in Bali in 2010, during which 210,000 dogs were vaccinated and, as a result, rabies-related deaths in animals and humans significantly declined.

Today, in celebration of World Rabies Day on Sept. 28, WSPA announced a partnership with the Bangladesh government to carry out a nation-wide vaccination project. Additionally, the organization will launch new programs in the Philippines and Indonesia in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control and national governments.

"I back WSPA's Collars Not Cruelty campaign, to help end the unnecessary death of million dogs, killed every year, because of our fear of rabies," said Ricky Gervais, comedian and WSPA spokesperson. "WSPA is calling on governments and communities everywhere to replace killing with mass vaccination programs."

"With growing support from governments, partners, ambassadors and advocates, we truly are creating a world where collars – not cruelty – are winning the fight against rabies," added Mitchell.

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