OneVoice calls for "a bold voice," welcomes MK Kol to Knesset's Two-State Caucus

Apr 24, 2013, 16:30 ET from The OneVoice Movement

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- OneVoice Israel Executive Director Tal Harris welcomed Yesh Atid MK Adi Kol to OneVoice's co-founded Two-State Solution Caucus after her recent trip to the West Bank, witnessing the occupation first-hand.


Harris wrote in The Jerusalem Post that there is a need for more people to both see and speak about Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories, and that MK Kol is a prime example of what everyone should be doing and be thankful for.

"When eyes are shut, a bold voice is needed," Harris said. "When I read Adi Kol's words, the little I could do was to write on her wall: "Thank you. We are with you.'"

OneVoice's Two-State Solution Caucus, the second-largest caucus in the Knesset, has lobbied for the two-state solution and an end to the conflict since 2010. It frequently updates MKs on the dire situation the occupation continues to impose on both Israelis and Palestinians.

Kol's trip to Ramallah is chronicled on her Facebook page, where she spoke freely about the hardships she witnessed – much like what OneVoice reports to the Caucus.

"Even if I were to upload a photo of the freezing, filthy enclosure at the Kalandia checkpoint that I passed through yesterday on my way back from Ramallah, you wouldn't be able to see, and certainly wouldn't be able to feel, the humiliation and insult that I felt – and that the Palestinians with permits, who are forced to pass [through] here day after day feel," Harris said, quoting part of Kol's Facebook status.

OneVoice believes Kol's addition to the Caucus is a welcomed and positive step toward reinvigorating the two-state solution in the political sphere.

"I was glad to join the Caucus that will work toward ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," Kol told OneVoice. "I am certain that along with coalition and opposition friends we can strengthen the public understanding of the importance of the peace process."

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SOURCE The OneVoice Movement