Online Education Changes the Future of at Risk Orphaned Girls

Jan 24, 2013, 20:06 ET from Thumbs up Girls

ATLANTA, Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Orphan aid activist Lise G. is passionate about educating and bringing awareness to the plight of orphans through Thumbs up Girls, online education for orphans in the USA and developing countries with her unique and tasty recipes.


The most vulnerable children in the world are orphans without a mother or a father to protect, love and care for them. The World Orphans organization estimates 150,000,000 orphans worldwide, and due to disease, war, and famine, the number of orphaned children is rapidly increasing. Studies show that children growing up in orphanages usually experience emotional, social and physical handicaps, and the outcomes for children, after leaving an orphanage, are usually dismal at best. Many become homeless, involved in drugs or prostitution, turn to crime, and some even commit suicide. Without assistance these orphans continue in the cycle of poverty, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, prostitution, and slavery that haunts developing countries.

Thumbs up Girls was launched when Lise G. lost employment as a project manager and made a commitment to turn her misfortune into a fortune for someone else. She put together a book of her favorite recipes from her native Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao - "Finger Licking Different" - which includes the raved about and unique twist on 'Stuffing'. "Friends have literally begged me for this recipe," Lise G. says. Proceeds of "Finger Licking Different" go towards Thumbs up Girls, college education for orphaned girls, rewarded by American universities, completely online!

The girls remain at home in their respective countries, including USA, and complete all courses towards a college degree completely ONLINE!

Tuition and fees are paid directly to universities in the U.S. Each girl who participates in the program also receives a laptop and all the books she needs in order to complete her course of study.

Many majors also provide online tutoring.

Lise G. personally maintains contact with every student who benefits from the program via Skype.

Research has shown that an investment in education can make all the difference for orphans. "One major obstacle was electricity in the area (Kenya), but with solar powered laptops the problem is remedied," she said.

"Finger Licking Different" features 30 Dutch Caribbean recipes that combine the tastes of Indonesian, Dutch, Caribbean, and South American cuisine for a truly unique cooking experience. Available at (eBook, paperback, Kindle and audio).

"Suddenly becoming unemployed and my unique recipes, were the perfect catalysts for a more prosperous future for orphaned girls," said Lise G. You can make a world of difference in an orphans' life by enjoying and sharing these recipes. Here's to Thumbs up Girls!                   

SOURCE Thumbs up Girls