Online Infringement Threatens Brand Integrity

IntegriShield Helps Fight Copyright Infringement with Infringement Detection Service.

Nov 27, 2013, 13:15 ET from IntegriShield

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- IntegriShield, a software company based in Kansas City, Mo., launched Copyright Infringement Detection in response to a growing demand for online copyright defense. Copyright Infringement poses the risk of not only eroding brand identities, but also results in significant loss of revenue.


"The internet has created opportunities for businesses to expand their reach, but it has also created a sea of anonymity enabling any individual or business to defame, misuse or misrepresent your copyrighted material. IntegriShield's Infringement Detection software eliminates the footwork of locating and taking down copyrighted material found on unauthorized websites," said IntegriShield's Managing Director, Jennifer Flood.

Websites, search engines, open-forums, blogs, media streaming, and social media are constantly expanding platforms of which people around the world can declare open season on copyrighted material. Unmonitored, the damaging effects of copyright infringement can leave businesses and their brand image at risk. Copyright Infringement is becoming more prevalent with the accessibility of the internet and its widespread use. Knowingly or unknowingly misusing a company's copyrighted material is costly for both the abuser and the company at risk. IntegriShield acts on behalf of the client by contacting the publisher of the infringed material and taking the necessary steps to get the material under compliance, and if necessary, removed altogether.  What sets IntegriShield apart from the competition is its transparency through all aspects of our reporting and communication.

"Our proprietary software allows our analysts to scour the internet on behalf of our clients in order to continuously protect their intellectual property," said Flood. In addition to detection and remediation, IntegriShield also offers a self-service portal designed to provide real-time automated monitoring of websites based on both industry-wide regulatory guidelines and individual company standards. Contact IntegriShield today to learn how we can protect your copyrighted material and brand equity.

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IntegriShield specializes in protecting companies' brand and online monitoring. Located in Kansas City, Missouri's River Market District, IntegriShield uses proprietary technology to track, monitor and remediate violations of industry regulations and brand specific standards. The internet has provided anyone the ability to misuse company trademarks and misrepresent brands. For more information about IntegriShield visit

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