Online Marketing Services Add Long Term Power to Your Organization's Message

The Internet marketing experts at Cyberset don't want to change the essence of a company's messaging, just the way web browsers absorb it

Jan 15, 2014, 17:00 ET from Cyberset Corp.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For small businesses, online marketing services from an outside agency can seem daunting. These companies worry that Internet marketing might misrepresent their brand to industry peers and local customers, while not providing the desired results. Nonetheless, the team at Cyberset knows that its local Internet marketing plans will never change a company's message, just make sure that its message is being heard. It's a proven technique that consistently leads to long-lasting, concrete improvements in web site performance and a stronger bottom line.

Internet marketing on its face sounds straightforward: it's advertising on the web. While Internet marketing agencies like Cyberset provide online advertising—pay-per-click ads on Google searches and sidebar ads on Facebook are highly effective in the short term—its other services are much more powerful in the long run. Taking the essence of a company and channeling it through search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and video marketing allows Cyberset to transform a business' web site of into a truly effective marketing presence that will produce strong results for years to come.

Small businesses, in particular, must struggle to compete with huge corporations for ad space. However, their importance in a local economy can often be their proverbial ace-in-the-hole, especially when working alongside Cyberset. A small business' knowledge of the region or of a niche specialty can easily be turned into an advantage over the impersonal touch of a gigantic national company. Cyberset specializes in what is called local Internet marketing, a specialized form of marketing that concerns itself with boosting a company's ranking on regional search engine results.

Cyberset tackles local Internet marketing by dedicating a project manager to each of its clients' campaigns. Through open and thorough communication, the project manager will discover what the company can offer that makes it better than the competition, while simultaneously doing his or her own research to discover the most effective strategy to attract customers via regional searches. Then, a dedicated team of writers will put that strategy into motion by crafting engaging, web optimized content that effectively boosts the client's site in search engine rankings with gradually improving results over time.

An often overlooked component of Internet marketing is mobile optimization, especially for small businesses. This service is concerned with making the user experience on a mobile device (phone, tablet, e-reader, etc.) as simple as possible. Many sites, even simple ones, simply look horrible on these devices or are hard to navigate. This can alienate the growing percentage of consumers who shop, browse, and learn about companies predominantly though these devices. Cyberset's mobile marketing guarantees that customers who find sites on these devices can get to the information they want, all without jumping through endless virtual hoops just to find a mobile version.

Cyberset offers a completely free initial consultation on any of its services, either through Skype, by phone, or in-person at its Canoga Park office. To speak with a Cyberset representative, call 800-601-5053 or visit and fill out a short request form.

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