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When it comes to helping our environment we think we're doing pretty well. Recycling, energy saving bulbs, bags for life are all things that most of us do to help keep our carbon footprint down, but there is something else that we should be thinking about - holidays.,  one of the UK's leading suitcase and luggage retailers, are on hand for some top tips,  and with Make Holiday's Greener approaching in July it's time to act now.

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The destination. Why not explore your  local surroundings?  If you're from the north of England venture down to the south, better yet travel down by train and start enjoying your holiday from the moment you step foot on the platform.

If your heart is set on jetting off somewhere a bit more exotic, try to stick to somewhere a little closer to home, rather than a long haul flight to save you over 1,846miles in your emissions calculator.  

Travelling by train or bus to the airport is also a great way to cut down on your emissions. Most towns and cities offer direct links and although it may seem more of an effort, it does mean you can save money on parking at the airport and if you have an early morning flight you don't have to worry if you're not entirely awake.

With technology soaring ahead it's time to get with the times and opt for e-tickets where possible. Most airlines now  present this option for the majority of beach holidays. For those of you who don't know how it works you simply have to print off one-two pages of your flight details instead of waiting around for your ticket booklet. This helps the airline's carbon footprint and means you have everything online  and don't have to worry about your tickets getting lost in the post!

Eating locally sourced food is also a great way to help the environment. If you're travelling abroad such places like Greece, Portugal and Italy have some wonderful taverns where you'll find local food,  produced and cooked by local people. It's a great way to broaden your taste buds too!

 Travelling lighter will also help your carbon footprint. Opting for a small suitcase that will fit in the over-head locker means you cut down on the CO2 you use, so only take the essentials. Do you really need to take six pairs of shoes? Remember you can purchase heavier items such as sun cream and toiletries over there, and most hotels have towels and hairdryers  in the rooms which will save you a  lot on weight.

Doing all of these tips or just a couple will make a difference and means you can have a guilt-free holiday!  For a range of holdalls and cabin friendly suitcases that will cut down on C02 emissions, log onto or visit the official Facebook and Twitter pages!

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