ONZO Announces Major Enhancements to Customer Insights Data Analytics Solution

Feb 09, 2016, 04:30 ET from ONZO

LONDON, February 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

New Functionality Expands Both Macro and Micro Level Views of Energy Consumption 


ONZO, a global provider of data science-based utility analytics solutions, announces a major enhancement to its ONZO Insight software.  With the addition of new multi-level data mining capabilities, utilities can now combine and query data at much more granular level to more fully unlock the power of their smart meter and sensor data. Equally significant, with ONZO Insight, this can now be achieved with no need for deployment of specialized in-home hardware often required with competing analytics solutions.  This new macro-level insight enhances the highly personalized understanding of household-level energy usage for which ONZO is well known.

"Millions of AMI data points and hundreds of thousands of additional metrics and values can now be combined and analyzed, taking utility customer data mining to a whole new level and driving decision-making capabilities that weren't even possible before," noted ONZO's chief data scientist Dr. Katie Russell.

Leveraging sophisticated new query functionality and the patented analytics embedded in the ONZO Insights platform, utilities have new options to explore multiple dimensions of data not only at a micro level for every individual customer, but also at a macro, customer group level - from neighborhoods, to entire service territories, to specified demographic clusters.

With this new functionality, utilities can quickly and accurately answer multi-faceted questions such as:

  • Which customers typically use high-consuming appliances during peak load times between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and should thus be contacted with a suggestion that they precool their home to prepare for a DR event?
  • Where are the biggest concentration of customers that are most likely to respond to a smart thermostat offer based on analysis of occupancy, consumption and demographic characteristics?
  • Which customer groups are mostly likely to respond to energy efficiency programs and what drivers are best at motivating a positive response?

"This new release brings considerable new flexibility to combine many different types of data and look across that data to drive much deeper insights into energy consumption patterns," commented Spencer Rigler, ONZO CEO. "And since it's these insights that feed and govern effective customer engagement, utilities can now enhance the customer experience and build the kinds of relationships that can only be achieved when you really bring your customers into strong focus."

About ONZO  

ONZO is a global leader in consumer energy data and analytics. ONZO combines the science of energy analytics with disaggregation, lifestyle behavior analysis and probabilistic forecasting to give utilities and their customers unprecedented insights into how, where and when energy is used. Leveraging granular smart meter data, ONZO's patented algorithms result in rich, highly accurate, customer-specific insights with actionable outcomes that help utilities improve customer engagement and energy efficiency, while reducing churn and creating new revenue opportunities. Visit ONZO.com, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.