Open Letter From AWP to Florida's Window & Door Dealers

Are You Important to Your Current Window & Door Manufacturer?

Mar 02, 2016, 10:53 ET from AWP Windows & Doors

MIAMI, March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- AWP Windows and Doors, manufacturer of America's first certified impact window, released an open letter to Florida's window and door dealers.

If you feel anything less than cherished by your current window and door supplier, we would like to have a discussion with you about becoming one of our Dealer Partners. 

At AWP, our Dealer Partners are the center of our universe and define everything that we do.  They expect high performance, reliability, competitive prices, confidentiality, on-time delivery, responsive service, clear and correct communication and more.  Beyond that, they give us the right to be in business.  Every Employee understands that excellent service is not enough, "Delighting" our Partners is a necessity because if we don't, someone else will! 

To AWP, you still matter.  AWP believes that bigger isn't better, better is better.  At AWP we are large enough to provide you the full range of products and service levels your business demands while still small enough for your business to matter to us.  We are beholden only to you.  We understand that if we focus on helping you grow your business and provide you the quality products, competitive pricing and leading customer service you deserve, our business will benefit.  And we are not in a race for growth at the expense of our Client Commitments.

Safety in numbers is not what led you to start your business or climb to the top in your current role, why would you settle for that from your most important business Partnership?  Our Dealer Partners have direct access to all of our resources, including our entire Leadership Team.  Do you deserve anything less than our best? 

We are not looking to sign-up every Dealer in Florida.  In fact, we are looking for only a few select partners in each market.  A limited number of Dealer Partners and an even smaller number of Preferred Partners we can focus on and protect in each market.  Is your current manufacturer protecting you?  Our commitment to our Partners goes beyond making your showroom look good, it encompasses the responsibility of helping to make your company better and more competitive in a market where it is getting more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

If you're a Dealer who believes your path to growth is simply based on winning the low price game and you enjoy competing for the same customers with the same products as everyone else on the block, then you're not the right Partner for us. If you believe you're owed more, we would like an opportunity to speak with you.  My name is Craig Speed and I'm the CEO of AWP, and this is my cell phone number (305) 975-9296, the AWP Team is ready to have a chat. 

About AWP Windows & Doors

Established in 1958, AWP Windows & Doors, located in Miami, Florida is a long-standing manufacturer of high quality aluminum and vinyl windows and doors for the Florida and Caribbean residential and light commercial market. The company offers both impact and non-impact products and sells its products through a professional network of dealers and distributors.  All of AWP's products are rigorously tested to be in compliance with Dade County Product Approval and Florida Product Approval current standards. Originally founded as Yale Ogron Windows, AWP has years of experience building code approved window and door products.

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