OpenMake Software Wins the Code Project Member's Choice Award

OpenMake Software wins the Code Project Member's Choice Award in the ALM category for the second consecutive year.

Jun 16, 2010, 08:00 ET from OpenMake Software

CHICAGO, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenMake Software, a leader in Continuous Integration and Build Management solutions, received the Code Project Member's Choice Award in the Application Lifecycle Management category.  The Code Project Member's Choice Award is determined based on the Code Project Community rating their favorite tools in specific categories.

"OpenMake Software would like to extend a thank you to the members of the Code Project community for giving us this Award.  We know that this community continually demands improved Continuous Integration features and accelerated Build Management," explains Tracy Ragan, COO of OpenMake Software.  "OpenMake Mojo meets the demands of the Code Project Community by providing a Continuous Integration Server that can be downloaded for free and implemented immediately.  Additionally, for extended automation, the Code Project community leverages the OpenMake Meister technology for accelerating and automating the compile process for multiple languages including Microsoft .NET and Java."

This is the second year that OpenMake Software received this award.  OpenMake Mojo was recognized by the Code Project Community in 2009 in the Application Lifecycle Management category.

About OpenMake Software

OpenMake Software is the Build Management Authority, providing enterprise scale continuous integration, distributed workflow and dependency based software build control. These solutions enable customers to reduce software development cycle times, increase developer productivity, and provide management with actionable audit and traceability reports.

About the Code Project

The Code Project is one of the largest development communities in the world, comprising involved professional developers, development managers, and architects. An industry-leading community since 1999, The Code Project has more than 7.1 million registered members since its inception. Developers worldwide contribute quality, how-to articles about all aspects of development, including Windows, web and server projects. Over 3.4 million developers visit the site each month to access its lively discussion boards and more nearly 28,000 articles, complete with source code and examples.

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