OpenSpan 5.1 Offers Standardized Event Reporting to Enable Rapid User Process Automations for Speedy ROI

OpenSpan Provides Developers and Business Analysts a Collaborative Path for Deploying Desktop Analytics and Automations

Sep 20, 2011, 08:00 ET from OpenSpan, Inc.

ATLANTA, Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenSpan, Inc. today announced the general availability of OpenSpan 5.1, user process improvement software. OpenSpan now enables organizations to gather intelligence about application usage and user processes on the desktop without development. Armed with this intelligence, organizations can quickly remedy inefficiencies and implement improvements with OpenSpan's unique process automation capabilities.

Contact centers, back-office operations and other processing-intensive businesses can drill into the performance of their organizations to determine which users are performing well and identify best practices to replicate throughout their environment. OpenSpan's standard analytics enables end-users to track the processes they do every day and provide feedback to management.  

"OpenSpan empowers business analysts and other operations teams to be the heroes their organizations are looking for by enabling them to not only identify opportunities for efficiency and enhanced performance, but to implement solutions rapidly," said Eric Musser, CEO of OpenSpan. "Using OpenSpan to automate manual tasks, organizations quickly realize cost savings, process improvements and increased revenue."

OpenSpan's easily deployed solutions can automate manual tasks and provide user guidance to save time and enhance customer experience. Version 5.1 improves on OpenSpan's capacity to deliver quick payback in days or weeks compared to complex, heavily service-laden implementations of other options. Business analysts are empowered to provide interactive analytics and user process guidance without IT involvement.

"Because OpenSpan was developed from the ground up to discover how users work and then measure and improve processes in complex enterprise desktop environments, it is robust and able to perform consistently," said Damon Lockwood, CTO of OpenSpan. "Unlike products that use screen-scraping, accessibility APIs or testing APIs, OpenSpan doesn't require modifications to the environment and is not impacted by user behavior such as focus changes and screen changes."

OpenSpan integrates all types of applications on the desktop, including cloud and legacy systems, without modifying underlying software.  Having undergone extensive customer testing, OpenSpan 5.1 provides support for 64-bit applications and operating systems, as well as upgraded support for Java, Citrix and SAP. OpenSpan's rapid implementation allows an iterative and continuous process improvement cycle to be initiated quickly.  These improvements translate into cost savings and increased revenue.

About OpenSpan

OpenSpan software is focused on business process improvement. Customers use OpenSpan's solutions to measure and improve user processes executed across business applications on frontline and back-office desktops. Implementing these improvements, our customers reduce frontline and back-office operational costs, enhance customer experience and boost employee retention. OpenSpan's unique technology offers the fastest means to implementing such enhancements, delivering within days the first phase in a cycle of continuous user process improvement. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, OpenSpan, Inc. markets directly to end-user organizations as well as through partners and resellers. For more information or to schedule a demonstration of how OpenSpan can benefit your organization please call 678-527-5400 or visit

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