OPhone 2.0 Platform Debuts in Beijing

Jun 28, 2010, 08:50 ET from Borqs

BEIJING, June 28 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On June 25th, 2010, the OPhone 2.0 platform debuted with the Samsung's launching of its new product, Oscar I7680. This new release was made at a Samsung's product launch of "Great Vision for Bright Future" held in Beijing.

The OPhone OS 2.0 features a comprehensive range of functionality upgrades, including more than 1,000 improvements in UI/UE, 300 upgrades, and over 10 newly added functionalities. Samsung's Oscar I7680, the first mobile terminal based on OPhone OS 2.0, hits the Chinese market in June.

For the OPhone OS 2.0's official appearance, Mr. Pat Chan, CEO and President of Borqs, said, "We are always striving for improving user experience and meeting the demands of different user groups. We hope to shorten the distance in between each other, connect to the world, and use the Internet much easier through our smart phone operating system. High-quality mobile terminals ensure us a full access to the brand-new experience of mobile Internet. We are glad to launch our OPhone OS 2.0 together with Samsung's Oscar I7680 at this new release, which is indeed a perfect combination."

Personalization Design & Comprehensive Upgradeability for Satisfying Mobile Office Fulfillment, Entertainment, and Others Demands

The improvements and upgrades in UI/UE are essential for improving user experience. OPhone OS 2.0 supports customization, preview, and third-party download of themes. The interface settings and operations are also optimized, providing a more pleasant, easy-to-use platform interface. In order to meet varied user demands, OPhone OS 2.0 also supports manufacturer-customizable homepage and theme editing tools. A rich collection of Widgets are embedded with JavaScripts and HTML to deliver various powerful functionalities. In addition, dynamic 3D effects and wallpapers allow users to show their uniqueness by using their imaginations.

OPhone OS 2.0 also includes many new functionalities to provide users with mobile/portable office and E-reading convenience. The multi-touch functionality makes zooming operations not only possible on browsing and image editing, but more suitable for SMS, MMS, email and document reading. Besides, the improved editing functionality enables users to cut, copy and paste any character or paragraph. With OPhone OS 2.0, users may easily visit websites, send or receive emails, read e-books, post comments, and update micro-blogs. The mobile internet is at users' fingertips.

The notable thing is that OPhone OS 2.0 has added a game engine coupled with a powerful, accelerated GPU, delivering high-resolution picture quality and also realizing the GPU acceleration that brings in a smoother game screen. Users now can enjoy the latest exciting 3D gaming experience on OPhone 2.0 that was only possible on game players in the past. This is believed to be the most appealing feature to all mobile phone fans.

For music enthusiasts, OPhone OS 2.0 also supports varied music modes such as 5.1 Surround Sound, as well as Rock, Jazz and other modes. Users may simply click on the screen to shift among different modes.

Up to 20 Models of the OPhone 2.0 Will Be Released by the Year End

As the first OPhone OS 2.0-based mobile phone is launched and new terminal manufactures join in, the OPhone chain is becoming increasingly larger. More than 20 models of OPhone OS 2.0-based mobile terminals are expected to hit the market by the end of this year. Abundant product lines will offer varied mobile terminals at a wide price range, providing users with vast selection possibilities based on different functionalities and other elements.

At the same time, the developer team of OPhone applications keeps a continuous growth. OPhone SDN has more than 50,000 registered developers since it was launched eight months ago. These developers have submitted over 1,300 applications on MM, among which, more than 500 are compatible with OPhone OS 2.0.

As a healthy industrial chain brings more vigor and vitality to OPhone's future, we believe that with the official launch of the OPhone OS 2.0 platform, a new opportunity has been created for the OPhone market. Thus, OPhone is expected to have a bright future.

About OPhone OS

OPhone OS (Open Mobile Operating System) is an open mobile intelligent software platform. It includes a Linux Kernel, middleware, Java virtual machine, application software and other applications such as FOTA, RIL and WebKit.

OPhone OS uses Android as the foundation set, meanwhile develops a suite of smart mobile terminal software that caters to the mobile internet (with additional features built on top of Android, such as: Video Telephony, Native Java, CMMB/MobileTV, LBS, etc., per mobile operators' or handset vendors' custom-made requests/needs).

About Borqs

Borqs Beijing Ltd., established in September 2007, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing end-to-end software solutions for mobile internet. The major engagement of Borqs is to develop and promote a mobile operation platform and its application software. Headquartered in Beijing, the company also has offices and R&D centers in the Beijing, Shenzhen, USA, India, etc. Borqs is primarily invested by Keytone, GSR, Tsinghua University and NVP (Norwest Venture Partners) VC. The company is also the key active member of Google/OHA (Open Handset Alliance) and Symbian Foundation.

The achievement of mutual benefit is the objective of Borqs' operations and collaborations. Borqs has been determined to be the pioneer and leader in the field of open source application software since its establishment, and has dedicated itself to supporting the development of mobile internet. With this objective in mind, Borqs has developed OPhone OS, Mobile Widget, Big Cloud, Mobee and other applications. In addition, Borqs has also built an OPhone OS based software development network (SDN) for application software developers.