OpTier Cited as the 'Company that Defined BTM' and as One of the Vendors Positioned to Address the Next Step in Evolution of Application Performance Management

Independent Research Firm Calls Out OpTier's BTM Suite as one of the solutions with the capability to Map and Follow individual Transactions Throughout the Infrastructure

Oct 06, 2010, 09:00 ET from OpTier

NEW YORK, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- A report issued recently by independent firm Forrester Research, Inc., calls OpTier the "company that defined BTM." The research report, titled "Competitive Analysis: Application Performance Management and Business Transaction Monitoring -- A SWOT Analysis of APM and BTM Software Vendors," published in September 2010, provides an overview of the application performance monitoring (APM) and business transaction management (BTM) software landscape and describes the positioning of the OpTier BTM™ Suite within the market.

Forrester's SWOT analyses evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of IT vendors. The APM and BTM analysis compares 25 vendors in the market and evaluates the technology landscape. In the report, Forrester notes that OpTier's "opportunity" is that it is "established as the BTM reference." The report also recognizes the company's OpTier BTM Suite as one solution that provides a "unique capability to map and follow individual transactions throughout the infrastructure, report on overall performances, and provide an indication of transaction latency within infrastructure components."

"Applications will become increasingly complex. The difficulty of determining the root cause of performance issues in transactional applications spanning a large number of moving parts emphasizes the need to aggregate data into a tool that can provide teams with a pre-analysis and a single view of the transaction dependencies," according to the report. "Thus, BTM transaction mapping and APM deep analysis will tend to converge into a single solution."

"Our customers all realize the value that OpTier delivers for performance management and transaction monitoring, and we believe this recognition from Forrester is a testament to our leadership position in the BTM market," said Israel Mazin, CEO of OpTier. "Forrester's assessment that 'complex event processing is most probably the first step in the evolution of application performance management' we believe is also further validation of our decision to add support for CEP to our OpTier BTM Suite."

The OpTier BTM Suite is the only fully-integrated, end-to-end business transaction management solution available. With a combination of end-user experience monitoring and data center flow monitoring, OpTier BTM provides a comprehensive view of business transactions across all tiers so IT can quickly isolate and resolve performance problems and prevent outages. OpTier BTM enables organizations to monitor transaction response times so that changes to the IT infrastructure do not adversely impact end users.

About OpTier

Of the billions of business transactions conducted every second, more are assured by OpTier than by any other IT management software company.

OpTier's Business Transaction Management solution (OpTier BTM™) enables business application owners to take control over service performance and availability. OpTier BTM assures the quick and successful execution of all business transactions, by managing every step of every transaction. It delivers unparalleled visibility of all business transactions in order to eliminate outages, effectively manage change and improve end-user experience. OpTier, with a fast-growing list of Global 2000 customers, pioneered the concept that transactions are where IT and business meet.

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