Optimize Your 340B Program with Wellpartner's One-Stop-Shop 340B Services

Feb 15, 2016, 11:37 ET from Wellpartner

NEW YORK and PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Wellpartner recognizes that a covered entity's 340B program is much more than a limited network of community-based retail pharmacies: It is a lifeline for covered entities providing necessary care to the underserved population. 

Wellpartner's 340B Optimization Program has evolved into a streamlined approach that unifies all of the services needed to achieve program optimization, and results in helping covered entities reach more patients. Wellpartner's CEO, James R. Love, stated, "Over the last four years, Wellpartner has grown from being a provider of 340B contract pharmacy services to the industry's most complete 340B product suite provider. Wellpartner's comprehensive product suite includes AccessIntegra®, our reporting and analytical tool; AccessCompare®, our audit tool; and our specialty pharmacy optimization program, AccessConvergence®. We make it easy for our clients to optimize their 340B program with our one-stop-shop approach."

Wellpartner's approach is personalized, tailored to each customer to ensure program success. Utilizing a consultative and comprehensive approach, all opportunities for producing and maximizing value are assessed in an effort to increase community benefit, while ensuring that the highest levels of program integrity are maintained.

Wellpartner's 340B Program Optimization is achieved by:

  • Optimizing contract pharmacy networks;
  • Contracting with exclusive specialty pharmacy networks to unlock specialty drug 340B savings;
  • Building best-in-class self-audit and third party administrator audit tools to optimize program integrity;
  • Providing transparent and real-time views to eligible and pending scripts that require manual review;
  • Optimizing 340B savings at hospital pharmacies with easy-to-use inventory management tools;
  • Integrating wholesaler or pharmacy inventory data models or requirements.

Wellpartner is a Pinnacle Sponsor at the 340B Coalition Winter Conference and will be presenting additional information regarding their enhanced 340B Optimization strategy at Booth #18 on February 17-19. Additional information is also available at www.wellpartner.com.

About Wellpartner
More than 100 covered entities recognize that partnering with a company that consistently delivers the highest levels of program integrity, customer service and innovative products enables them to maximize their scarce resources to improve patient care.

Wellpartner is a leading national provider of complete 340B optimization solutions for a wide variety of safety-net hospitals and clinics. Wellpartner also dispenses branded, specialty and generic prescriptions through its wholly-owned URAC-, ACHC-, and VIPPS-accredited specialty pharmacy.  

Wellpartner's products include:

  • 340BAccess - an automated solution for covered entities seeking a 340B contract pharmacy program;
  • AccessConvergence® - an innovative service that enables clients to greatly enhance their 340B programs by gaining access to previously "locked-away" specialty pharmaceutical prescriptions;
  • AccessIntegra® - a state-of-the-art reporting and analytics tool that provides a transparent view into a covered entity's 340B contract pharmacy program; 
  • AccessCompare® - the industry's first 340B reporting tool that helps covered entities meet increasing program integrity audit requirements by reducing the manual time needed to efficiently audit 340B claims; and
  • AccessCounter - a 340B solution for covered entities' in-house outpatient pharmacies that identifies 340B purchases at the outpatient pharmacy to maximize 340B savings.

Visit www.wellpartner.com for more information.

CONTACT: Mary Dannegger, 1-212-419-4044, mdannegger@wellpartner.com


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