Ordering food delivery online is now available in over 300 cities across Ohio

Tech startup BringMeThat launches a new service in Ohio, enabling online ordering for food delivery from 1500 restaurants across the state.

Feb 20, 2013, 10:30 ET from BringMeThat

CLEVELAND, Feb. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BringMeThat lets users find out which restaurants will deliver to their homes and allows them to order food delivery online from these restaurants.  Although online delivery services are available in some of the major markets in the US, BringMeThat is the first of its kind in Ohio. 

BringMeThat connects with the local restaurant's cash register system and the order is placed as if you were standing in the restaurant.  Menus and complete order details are provided online and once the order is placed the production begins and the restaurant delivers in the agreed upon time.  Customers get an email confirming their order is placed and all delivery fees and menu prices are listed up front. Deliveries are managed by the restaurant you order from just as they've always been.

"I've spent a lot of time in New York City and love having the option of ordering food online from places like GrubHub and Seamless, but when I come back home to visit my friends and family in Ohio, there's nothing like that available," says Jason Liang, Founder and CEO of BringMeThat and a Strongsville, Ohio native.  "Many tech startups are catered toward cities like New York and San Francisco, but I believe there's a lot of opportunity in the small to medium sized markets as well."

BringMeThat currently offers delivery from over 1500 restaurants in 300 cities in Ohio and is working on increasing this number to eventually include every restaurant in the state that delivers.  In addition, BringMeThat will also soon be adding some restaurants available through third party delivery services.  Find out which restaurants deliver to you by visiting www.bringmethat.com.

About BringMeThat:
BringMeThat allows you to quickly and easily order food online and have it immediately delivered to your door. We provide a comprehensive list of restaurants that deliver in your city with the convenience of never having to pick up the phone and deal with misplaced orders, being put on hold, or dropped calls. 

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