Organizing a Successful TweetUp

Jan 29, 2010, 12:01 ET from Sunday Morning Soliloquy

CHICAGO, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Leyla Arsan, Partner at Lotus Marketing Services, provides integrated marketing services for small to mid-sized companies; professional services firms, medical and finance clients. Lotus Marketing Services specializes in event marketing (B2B and B2C), social media, traditional and non-traditional public relations and design.

Leyla Arsan has been involved heavily engaged in various aspects of Social Media for the past fourteen months. Recently Leyla, known as @leyla_a on Twitter, teamed up with @sushi_pro and @sushisamba  to promote and execute the first National Tweet Up - the SUSHISAMBA Meet & Tweet.

The TweetUp, a meeting "IRL" (in real life) of those who connect digitally on Twitter, was wildly successful. The group consisted of Public Relations, Marketing and Design professionals and, of course, those who love Sushi. There were about 120 in attendance which directly contributed to consistent messaging on Twitter for two weeks prior to the event and three days following the event.

The blog post covers the basics of organizing a successful TweetUp. Getting the corporate offices of SUSHISAMBA excited about the event. Working with the corporate marketing and PR team to build a plan that would work in every city, and executing a successful plan to promote the event in each city.

The key elements of promoting a successful event on Twitter are outlined in the blog post, including: engagement with followers, getting a team together to seed and build word of mouth and having a proper offer or incentive to drive attendance. The post also touches upon the tactical elements such as the usage of # hashtags, Tweetvite, frequency of tweets and the timing of tweets.

Arsan does not exclude the key element to her success – being well liked on Twitter. Her near 3000 followers are targeted professionals which she painstakingly built over the past fourteen months. Arsan engages with her followers on a consistent basis and does her best to promote their efforts when needed and relevant. Arsan believes the success to a strong Twitter feed is being authentic.

Leyla Arsan is a Partner at Lotus Marketing Services and has been blogging since 2004.  She currently writes a personal blog,, a lifestyle blog where she discusses pop culture, details life as a marketer in Chicago, social media strategy and interviews small business owners and their marketing practices. She also writes a travel blog

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