Oriental Art: From Tian'anmen to The Arc de Triomphe

Joint Exhibition of Calligraphies by Wen Huaisha, Paintings by XuYanting and Sculptures by Zhi Min

Oct 10, 2013, 06:16 ET from Beijing Shengshi Brothers Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

PARIS, Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, a joint exhibition of calligraphy by Wen Huaisha, paintings by Xu Yanting and sculptures by Zhi Min entitled "Oriental Art: from Tian'anmen to the Arc de Triomphe," and co-hosted by the China Cultural Center in Paris, an office under China's Ministry of Culture, and Beijing Shengshi Brothers Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. was successfully held at the center at 19:00 on October 8, 2013. Wen Huaisha, Dr. Xu Yanting, Wu Wuhua, President of the Amicale des Teochew en France, and Yin Fu, Director of the China Cultural Center, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. In addition, French luminaries represented by Christian Quesnot, former Presidential Chief of Staff, also attended the event and spoke highly of the works by the three artists.

Wen Huaisha is a highly-respected scholar in China and has made indelible contributions to the research on the Verses of Chu (Chu Ci). Mr. Wen is also a practicing follower of the spirit of Quyuan. He has incorporated his lifelong study of Chinese culture into his calligraphic work "Li Sao" by Qu Yuan. Paintings by Dr. Xu embody the immensity and beauty of life as well as the harmony between man and nature, and are a natural reflection of oriental Zen. Her paintings are an expression of her world view and an approach to communicating cultural concepts. Sculptures by Zhi Min, a young artist, are inspired by Chinese classical culture and highlight the spiritual value of the sculptural art. His "Dragon and Horse Collection" is an interpretation of the oriental spirit imbued with humanistic feeling.

Pan Gongkai, President of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, wrote in his preface for the exhibition, "This exhibition is not only a journey of art, but also a journey of spirit and culture, which is based on a long-lasting dialogue with Western art from the perspective of Chinese culture. In this sense, the creative interpretations by Wen Huaisha, Xu Yanting and Zhi Min are the epitome of the traditional Chinese spirit in art."

SOURCE Beijing Shengshi Brothers Cultural Communication Co., Ltd