ORIGO™ launches new technology that ends distracted driving

ORIGOSafe™ prevents motorists from starting vehicles until phone is docked

Mar 14, 2013, 07:51 ET from ORIGO

WASHINGTON, March 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With texting while driving and other forms of handheld cell phone use behind the wheel continuing to be a leading killer on U.S. roads, ORIGO™ today launched a solution designed to end this deadly epidemic.

ORIGOSafe™ is a new ignition interlock system that requires drivers to secure their phone in a docking station before their vehicle can start.  This prevents motorists from holding their phones to talk or text while behind the wheel. 

"ORIGOSafe™ was developed to give parents and safety managers peace of mind, knowing that their drivers are safe and focused on the road, and aren't a danger to themselves or others," said Clay Skelton, ORIGO's™ founder.  "With highway deaths on the rise, particularly among teens, it's clear that the concern for safety isn't enough to stop this deadly driving behavior.  There has to be an outside force to incite change."

"By taking the phone out of the driver's hands – but not preventing making and receiving calls – ORIGO™ can reduce crashes, increase safety and improve the performance of drivers," said Skelton.  "ORIGOSafe™ takes away the temptation to reach for the phone while driving."

Teenagers are overrepresented in traffic crashes and are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers (NHTSA).  According to an AT&T survey, 97 percent of teens say texting while driving is highly dangerous, yet 75 percent of them say it's common among their peers. 

"Changing the mindset of young drivers to understand the dangers of texting while driving is essential to lowering the high teen crash rate and saving lives," said Sandy Spavone, Executive Director of National Organizations for Youth Safety.  "Adults must model the right behavior and provide resources such as ORIGOSafe™ that take the phone out of the driver's hands completely, so that both hands remain on the wheel and both eyes on the road, where they belong."

Amanda Kloehr is a young driver who knows first-hand the dangers of distracted driving.  At age 20, she was seriously injured in a car crash when she was distracted and slammed her car into a tractor trailer.  "Whatever you have to do can wait," said Kloehr who has had more than 20 surgeries to rebuild her face and replace her right eye.  "Nothing is more important when you are behind the wheel than keeping your focus on driving.  Technologies like ORIGOSafe™ are an excellent way to prevent drivers from being distracted and sparing them the pain that I have had to bear."

ORIGO™ has established a "SafePartner" program for schools and organizations.  ORIGO™ "SafePartners" are provided information to educate young drivers about the dangers of distracted driving, and the ORIGO™ solution.  "SafePartners" are provided with a unique code and ORIGO™ donates 5 percent of each coded sale back to that organization as a fundraiser.

"The 'SafePartners' program is a win-win for everyone," said Cheryl Lynch, Director of Marketing.  "We all work together to stop texting and driving and organizations are able to raise money to continue to educate and fight the battle against distracted driving."

Commercial Applications:
ORIGOSafe™ also comes in a version to improve safety among commercial drivers and is accompanied by ORIGOCommand™, an iPad-based fleet management package that allows administrators to manage multiple fleets at multiple locations.

With several large companies having already faced costly lawsuits, ORIGOSafe™ provides an opportunity for employers to significantly reduce their liability and provide verifiable compliance with federal laws banning handheld cell phone use among commercial drivers.

ORIGO™ is now available for both fleets and families, and works with the leading smartphones.

ORIGOSafe™ for families is available for purchase for $279 plus installation through the website www.DriveOrigo.com.   For commercial sales, please contact Cheryl Lynch@DriveOrigo.com.

For more information, please visit www.DriveOrigo.com/presskit.

Company Information:

  • ORIGO™ is a Virginia based company and ORIGOSafe™ is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.