ORSYP Users Gain New Insights Into IBM POWER Performance With Latest Sysload Agent

New VIO Server metrics will help IBM users minimize contention for physical resources

Dec 10, 2013, 08:00 ET from ORSYP

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- GARTNER DATA CENTER CONFERENCE -- ORSYP, a leading provider of IT Operations Management solutions, announces the availability of a major release of the Sysload agent used to monitor and analyze the performance of IBM POWER Systems. Capturing dedicated VIO (Virtual I/O) Server metrics, Sysload further enhances IBM users' ability to eliminate bottlenecks and delays, reduce problem resolution times, optimize resource utilization, and ensure provisioning of server capacity is aligned to meet future operational demands. Sysload users have enjoyed a reduction in IBM Power capital expenditure by up to 50%, and a decline in operational costs of nearly 30%.

As enterprises consolidate their data center operations, there is increased pressure to share IT resources. According to Gartner1, "There are two primary benefits to virtual I/O. The first is cost savings from the consolidation of server interfaces and switches. Instead of separate and redundant sets for storage, networking and server interconnect virtual I/O requires only one set. The second benefit is the ability to pool all I/O resources, and to allocate them as appropriate to physical or virtual servers in an on-demand, adaptable fashion. Not all organizations will take advantage of both capabilities."

While IBM POWER offers users unparalleled flexibility when virtualizing physical assets, it also presents the challenge of ensuring logical partitions (LPARs) are optimally configured. Failure to right size when allocating I/O resource can result in contention and delays, directly degrading end-user service. Sysload users gain exceptional granularity of VIO Server resource usage by leveraging new metrics for shared Ethernet adapters and physical I/O devices. These details inform the decisions they make when configuring and sizing IBM POWER resource allocations.

"Using Sysload we are able to monitor VIO Servers in real-time to detect potential bottlenecks that can impact the performance of up to 100 LPARs running critical production systems. Sysload provides the assurance that we will not run out of resource on the physical Ethernet and Fiber Channel links, which would put end-user service delivery at risk," said the Department of Technical Architecture of CNAM.

"For IBM users it is very difficult to predict what I/O activities LPARs will generate," commented Yann Guernion, ORSYP Product Marketing Manager. "A change in behaviour can be devastating so effective monitoring of VIO Server performance is essential. The improvements in the latest Sysload agent mean IBM POWER users will spend less time fire-fighting and IT Operations Managers will be alerted to problems before users are affected. With extra facts and figures on how systems are performing, they will have more scope when pooling applications as well as the ability to realize cost savings when planning upgrades."

ORSYP is the IT operations specialist for automating and optimizing the performance of your business systems. Its transformational software is designed for the most demanding IT environments, wins back time every day, and is supported by deep expertise that is trusted by 1500 customers around the world. With ORSYP's efficiency gains, IT executives deliver a multiplier effect on their IT operations.  ORSYP is headquartered in Paris, Boston and Hong Kong.

1 Gartner "Hype Cycle for Virtualization 2013" by Philip Dawson & Nathan Hill, 31 July 2013

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