OSell Brings More Business Opportunities to Brazil

Jan 13, 2014, 05:35 ET from Osell.com

HONG KONG, Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This is the best time for e-commerce and is the best chance to exploit the B2B market's potential. One area of the world which has continued to grow from an e-commerce perspective is Latin America – an area which includes countries such as Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. However, the country leading the growth in the online retail industry in Latin America is Brazil, according to analysis from B2B platform Osell.

In terms of e-commerce development, Brazil leads with the most attractive clothing market because of its population and demand, which can achieve over 7% growth yearly and reach 37.2 billion in market volume. Brazil is a young country, and over 60% of the population is younger than age 29. The clothing cost of each purchase is $102, which is six times more than the average consumption of Chinese consumers. The frequency of using credit cards to buy clothing by Brazil consumers is far greater than that of other emerging markets. Additionally, various local retailers account for 60% of those targeting the domestic retail clothing market.

As China has become the first online exporter of consumption goods in the world, OSell has launched offers making Chinese sourcing easy even for individual entrepreneurs. With the online cross-border sales from Brazil's customers growing rapidly, OSell drop-shipping finally visited Brazil to hold the meeting of business promotion and recruiting partners.

OSell is a service provider of e-commerce solutions and middlemen services enabling e-retailers across the globe wishing to offer Chinese products from manufacturers or suppliers in China. It is a strong supply chain integrator that enables anyone to sell using their impeccable service.

OSell, as a world-leading B2B platform, has complete supporting facilities and powerful sourcing ability: Dropshipping. Now, we take more business opportunities and over 3 million products to enrich the Brazilian market. That is to say OSell has created more moneymaking opportunities.

SOURCE Osell.com