Osell Guarantees Delivery and the Reliable Business Info for Retailers

Jul 11, 2013, 07:45 ET from DinoDirect.com

HONG KONG, July 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A Dropshipping service has been launched by Osell, a subsidiary of Dinodirect.com. This is aimed primarily at Brazilian retailers. A spokesman for Osell has stated that this service will be especially beneficial for all those entry-level online retailers who have yet developed their own shipping channels as well as warehouses.

Dropshipping basically refers to a supply chain management technique. In this case there would be no need for the retailer to keep goods in stock. Rather, the retailer will transfer various customer orders as well as shipment details to the manufacturer or even a wholesaler. It is they who will then ship the ordered goods to the customer directly.

There are many benefits of using a Dropshipping service. Retailers claim that it helps to solve their problems from procurement of goods to their delivery to customers. As this process is well taken care off, they are able to use their full energy in sales and marketing their products instead of handling other problems.

Another feature of this service is the tracking number provided by Osell. With the help of this tracking number, retailers can keep themselves informed at all times about their delivery's progress. This also helps the retailer to know if their products have been actually received. In case the packages are not received, or if the wrong items have been received, then the retailer can ask for a replacement or even for a refund. These requests will be approved by Osell within 24 hours.

This whole process is highly secure and confidential. This is because Osell ensures that the customer's name as well as shipping information is not shared with anybody, without getting the consent from retailers.

Osell is not a new company. It already enjoys a good reputation in the Chinese market. This is because it has already established itself as a leading e-commerce solutions provider, especially for small business in the Chinese market. Even though it provides many services, Osell mainly specializes in Dropshipping, Taobao procurement, as well as in e-store building.

Osell has been able to instill trust in the minds of its customers and retailers alike. This is quite evident through the various testimonials already present on its site for all to see.

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