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Feb 12, 2013, 07:58 ET from OSL Holdings, Inc.

ORANGEBURG, N.Y., Feb. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- OSL Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: OSLH) ("OSL" or the "Company"), a developer of technology platforms that enable real-time sales and trend information exchange between brands and retailers, today announced that it has reengaged Macias Media Group ("Macias Media" or "MMG") as its agency of record. MMG will continue to work with OSL in developing public relations, marketing, corporate communication and business development strategies specifically focusing on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

As a coveted supplier and consumer demographic, OSL identified the LGBT community as one of the lead minority groups to be used in the beta test and launch of the Company's thinkDIVERSITY platform, which connects businesses desiring to purchase goods and services from specific minority groups to the minority-owned suppliers within those groups. The thinkDIVERSITY Marketplace has bundled the needs of corporations, suppliers, consumers, and advocacy groups into one ecosystem that will take diverse spending to new heights.

The commerce community that OSL is building is powered by a unique rewards program that can show immediate value to employees, consumers, and suppliers on behalf of corporate and incentivized diversity spending. Through its successful relationship with MMG, OSL has started conversations with various high-profile LGBT media companies and LGBT events to partner on the beta test and launch of their rewards program.

"We are pleased to continue our relationship with Stephen Macias and the Macias Media Group team. Over the past several months we have identified, initiated and are engaged with LGBT leaders in the media and event arenas in Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. We look forward to moving these meaningful negotiations into meaningful partnerships in the foreseeable future," said Bob Rothenberg, President of OSL.

About Macias Media Group

Macias Media Group LLC, through its extensive national relationships in media dealing with news, politics, style, and culture, creates strategies that begin with imagining possibilities through practical execution based on real goals and targets. With a focus on consumer and sales marketing as well as corporate communications, public relations, and crisis management, MMG LLC creates strategies that incorporate all media platforms in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Amongst its client list, MMG represents the largest and most respected LGBT media brands in the world with such titles as The Advocate, Out Magazine, Out Traveler, HIV Plus Magazine, Gay.com, Gay.net, Shewired,com and Here TV. Inquires should be made through info@maciasmediagroup.com.

About OSL Holdings

OSL Holdings, Inc. develops or acquires business units with the purpose of collecting and transmitting real-time consumer and business sales data to facilitate the sale of data, manage electronic marketplaces, operate real-time loyalty rewards and transact with buyers in multiple channels. OSL plans to sell data to manufacturers for designated markets, such as urban retail, convenience and/or liquor stores. OSL intends to facilitate developing electronic marketplaces with real-time buy-side and sell-side capabilities for multiple private & public markets. It intends to operate a real-time loyalty rewards platform that can facilitate the earning and redemption of our rewards currency at the point of the transaction (online, mobile, at retail) as well as on future transactions. The Company plans to leverage these business units to connect buyers, sellers and channels that will clearly differentiate it from the competitive landscape so that each venture can scale revenues and their respective offerings to their specific market(s) or across markets.

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