Outright.com and Cashie Partner on 'Shopping Cart Solution' for Small Business Owners and Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Leader In Bookkeeping and Tax Software For Online Sellers, Outright.com, Teams Up With Cashie Commerce And PayPal To Offer Complete End-To-End Solution For Small Business Owners Selling Products Online

Mar 28, 2012, 13:54 ET from Outright

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- From creating and marketing products to tracking expenses and dealing with the hassles of bookkeeping, small business owners wear many hats when running a successful business. Getting their products sold online on their own website or blog can often create unnecessary headaches and stress.

In an effort to make it easier for small business owners and home-based entrepreneurs to sell their goods online, Outright.com, the leader in bookkeeping and tax software for online sellers, this week announced a unique integration with Cashie Commerce and PayPal. The collaboration will allow the three companies to make available a complete end-to-end solution for small business owners to sell their products and/or services on a website or blog, as well as keep track, receive reports on and organize tax records for those sales.

Outright.com, the only web-hosted bookkeeping software specifically created for the 24 million Americans who work for themselves, delivers a streamlined, online solution to help entrepreneurs and sole proprietors track all of their income and expenses so they can operate more efficiently and get their taxes done accurately.

So how does it work?  Cashie Commerce makes it dead simple for SMBs to start selling on their website or blog. Small business owners simply copy and paste a few lines of HTML into their website (programming skills are not required) and they will instantly have a complete shopping cart system ready to accept PayPal and credit card payments. Outright.com integrates completely with this selling solution so that the business owner can stay organized, see how they are doing, and be prepared for taxes.

Steven Aldrich, CEO of Outright.com, said this new, free option for small business owners (you only pay a fee after a transaction has been made) is a one-of-a-kind, full-service solution.

"There is so much work involved in running a small business, especially when it comes to IT and bookkeeping issues," Aldrich said. "We have recognized this challenge and created a partnership that will address our customers' desire to shifting their focus back to enhancing and expanding their businesses. There's no other full solution out there like this one – particularly not one that's free." 

The new integration, he said, will help Outright.com move toward offering a completed suite of tracking all online sales.

Hieu Bui, CEO, Cashie Commerce, said Cashie Commerce is looking forward to partnering with Outright.com. "We're excited that small business owners will now have an easy solution to track their online sales," said Bui. "And the best part is that it can be quickly incorporated into their website or blog, all in just a few minutes."

Eddie Davis, Senior Director of North America Partnerships, PayPal, said, "We are thrilled to team up with Outright.com and Cashie Commerce to provide an end-to-end solution that will make it easy for small business owners to expand on the web while also offering a secure and flexible payment solution."

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Outright makes accounting simple so the self-employed can spend as little time as possible on the least enjoyable part of running a business. Outright's easy-to-use online accounting solution automatically brings all sales & expenses together in one place so the user always know what's going on with their business.  No math, no manual entry, no paperwork. Outright integrates Etsy, eBay & PayPal information, e-commerce accounts, and bank and credit card accounts so users can stay up-to-date effortlessly.  To learn more or sign up, please visit http://outright.com.

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Cashie Commerce is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way for small businesses to start selling on their website or blog.  No design or development skills are needed to use Cashie Commerce's cloud-based service to add a professional shopping experience ready to accept PayPal and credit cards.  Cashie Commerce is also integrated with the most popular website builders and blogging platforms so businesses can be confident that it will work for them. For more information, visit http://cashiecommerce.com.

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