Ovation Music & Studios, Inc. 3rd Q Up Yr Over Yr

Nov 02, 2015, 08:00 ET from Ovation Music & Studios, Inc.

BOCA RATON, Florida, November 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Ovation Music & Studios, Inc. (OTC: OVMS) (the "Company") announces today that its Gross Revenues and Profit for the 3nd quarter and nine month 2015 stub period are up over the previous year.

Ovation Music & Studios, Inc. http://ovationmusicstudios.com/index.php, Facebook page -  https://www.facebook.com/Ovationmusicstudios, reports that its 3rd quarter 2015 Gross Revenue is up 3.8% and Gross Profit is up 14.1% over the same 2014 period and Gross Revenue is up 6.8% and Gross profit up 15.4% for the nine months ending September 30, 2015 from the comparable nine month period in  2014. The Company's net income was off in the 3rd quarter and nine months ending September 30 2015 due to expansion costs that include management training, construction for the new location and marketing costs.

"We've streamlined our business operations and amplified our marketing approach as we prepare for expansion, starting in Gallatin, TN," stated CEO, Keith De Tone.

Ovation Music & Studios is working to expand its music education and live performance business model into new markets through possible franchises and licenses.

With its plan to open additional stores in territories around the South Florida and Nashville, Tennessee markets, the Company's current build out of its Gallatin, TN location, just outside of Nashville, TN, is its first step towards expansion. Nashville's Music Row is home to hundreds of businesses related to the country music, gospel music, rock and roll, jazz as well as contemporary Christian music industries. Music Row is the heart of Nashville's entertainment industry. For more information on Gallatin TN, see, http://tennesseecentral.org/regional_data/regional_profile/sumner_county.

Ovation has developed its marketing plan that includes using TV ads in target markets on specific networks.  The marketing plan has been devised to attract a demographic that includes beginning musicians in a school age audience of 8-15, advanced players in the 16 and up age range, as well as more seasoned players to play in the advanced Rock Shop™ and Jazz Jam™ ensembles.  All Ovation students and musicians are able to take part in the Rock Shop™ and Jazz Jam™ programs.

A comprehensive study of Nashville's music and entertainment industry shows a $10 billion annual economic impact on the Nashville region.   The Nashville area has more music industry jobs than any other U.S. city in relation to population and total employment, even more than New York or Los Angeles. The music industry helps create and sustain more than 56,000 jobs in the Nashville area, supporting more than $3.2 billion of labor income annually. See, Music Council's New Report Says Industry Jobs Clustered in Nashville at Higher Rate Than in NYC or LA, http://www.nashville.gov/Mayors-Office/Priorities/Economic-Development/Programs-and-Services/Music-City-Music-Council.aspx.

About Ovation Music & Studios, Inc.

Ovation Music & Studios, Inc. is a music education company that provides individual and group lessons, rehearsal studios, professional recording studios, and live performances with its Rock Shop™ and Jazz Jam™ ensembles. Ovation Music & Studios is developed for students of all ages. Their unique method provides professional musicians and teachers in one-to-one voice and instrument lessons.  When the students have developed skill in the instrument as well as in music theory and ear training they are combined into rock bands and/or jazz ensembles which perform in public venues.

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