Over 1000 Clinical Cases Confirmed to be 'Solved on Sermo' in 2010

91% of Physicians polled use Sermo to seek clinical advice from colleagues

Mar 01, 2011, 10:12 ET from Sermo

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sermo (http://www.sermo.com), the world's largest online community for physicians, today announced that over 1000 clinical cases were confirmed by physician members as solved on Sermo in 2010.  The cases span over 50 medical specialties and represent the most difficult clinical challenges presented by physicians to their peers on Sermo.  The success of the "Solved on Sermo" program is confirmed by the fact that 91% of Sermo physicians polled plan to use Sermo as a means to collaborate with their colleagues around challenging clinical cases in 2011.

Sermo recently celebrated the most popular "Solved on Sermo" cases presented in 2010.  Highlighted cases were chosen from 36 selected categories and included:

Orthopaedics - DDx: Septic hip or transient synovitis? (46 responses)

Cardiology- 94 y/o Man - Failing Kidneys - To Stent Or No?(51 responses)

Critical Care - Central Venous Access with Thick Chest Wall (72 responses)

Otolaryngology - 9-day old baby with a neck mass (78 responses)

Allergy and Immunology - Anaphylaxis in pregnancy (83 responses)

Endocrinology - Difficult thyroid cancer case, your opinion please (92 responses)

Pain Medicine - Help me with this opioid taper (123 responses)

Doctors and their patients are benefiting from Sermo's unique capacity to enable collaborative discussion and clinical problem solving among physicians. A general surgeon from MI wrote, "I very much appreciated the excellent help that I received on my difficult thyroid cancer case. My patient was also aware that the Sermo physician network was helping. He lives in a very rural area and is of limited means. He extends his heartfelt thanks to all who participated."

"With the help of Sermo, my 94 y/old patient was spared the stent!" a doctor of Family Medicine wrote reflecting on his case being solved. He then added, "I agree (with the previous doctor)… patients love it when I tell them I'm going to ask some online colleagues for help."

To view more select responses and polling results, visit the Sermo Blog at http://sermo.com/blog.  

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