Over 500 Higher Education Institutions Turn to Identity Finder to Find and Protect Sensitive Data

Hundreds of Schools Choose Identity Finder to Prevent Data Loss and Students' Identity Theft

Oct 12, 2010, 08:00 ET from Identity Finder, LLC

ANAHEIM, Calif., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- EDUCAUSE Annual Conference – Booth #2154 -- Identity Finder, LLC, the global leader in data-at-rest data loss prevention (DLP), today announced that over 500 higher education institutions in the United States have selected Identity Finder to both prevent sensitive data loss and protect students' personal information.

News Facts

  • Over 500 higher education institutions across the country have selected and use Identity Finder software.
  • Identity Finder provides an easy way for both schools and individual students to locate and secure unprotected forms of personally identifiable information (PII) on personal computers and servers, including social security numbers, dates of birth, credit card numbers, passwords and more.
  • Students now can take proactive steps to protect their own identity before it gets in the hands of criminals while learning more about the risks of identity fraud.
  • Identity Finder empowers educational institutions with flexible deployment options and has been successfully implemented in a wide range of diverse IT environments.
  • The Identity Finder solution provides remediation options for securing the data including permanently shredding unneeded items, scrubbing data that is irrelevant, or encrypting files for safe storage.
  • Some of Identity Finder's academic customers include:
    • Baylor University
    • Cornell University
    • Harvard University
    • Indiana University
    • University of Notre Dame
    • Penn State University
    • Texas State University
    • University of Houston
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • University of Virginia
  • More information about how Identity Finder benefits educational institutions, is available at: http://www.identityfinder.com/us/Business/Solutions/Industry/Education
  • The Identity Finder Student Initiative enables college students to receive a free license of Identity Finder Home for Windows or Mac – a $55.86 value. It allows students to get ahead of the identity theft risk by protecting their identity before it's too late.  Students may have the school IT department register to participate or learn more at:  http://www.identityfinder.com.

Supporting Quotes

  • Cornell University, developer of Cornell Spider, one of the leading freely available tools, recently purchased Identity Finder. Steve Schuster, Cornell University's director of IT security said, "Cornell is committed to taking all steps practicable to protect the private data of our community members. An extremely important step toward this goal is the inventory and potentially subsequent removal of private data on computer systems. We believe offering and supporting a set of tools to accomplish this task best serve our university. Cornell has added Identity Finder to its toolkit to help inventory and protect private data."
  • Mary Dickerson, chief information security officer at University of Houston said, "With the increased national attention to identity theft and privacy issues, it has been great to be able to offer our students the opportunity to utilize software to protect their personal information through the Identity Finder Student Initiative.  Not only have our students been very interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, it has been a nice complement to our campus security awareness initiatives."
  • Mary Ann Blair, director of information security at Carnegie Mellon University said, "We went looking for a scanning tool and with Identity Finder we not only found a scanning tool but we found a remediation console all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface. That's just the tool. As important to us in any purchasing decision is the vendor relationship. Identity Finder became an instant partner, responding to our request for additional functionality (redaction) in record time. There's talk of partnering and there's delivering on a partnership. Identity Finder is delivering."

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About Identity Finder

The company's technology provides users the ability to prevent identity theft and data leakage by finding and protecting sensitive data. They have quickly grown to become a leader in identity protection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by helping millions of consumers, small businesses, and enterprises across the world. For more information, visit www.identityfinder.com.

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