Over 500,000 Prescribed Hearing Aids in the UK Remain Unused - WHY?

May 19, 2015, 09:36 ET from Heybridge Hearing Centre

COLCHESTER, England, May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Just over two million people in the UK have hearing aids: over half a million do not use, or obtain any benefit from, them: a terrible waste, often due to poor performance, discomfort caused, 'whistling' or difficulty of use. And, according to Action on Hearing Loss, "At least four million people, who don't have hearing aids, would benefit from them."

Using the latest technology, Heybridge Hearing Centre, in Essex, can help those with hearing impairment get real benefits from their hearing aids, enjoying conversation, television, and a host of other sounds, problem-free - even in background noise. With amazing new devices, and using 'smartphone' technology, all the following are possible:

  • Answer phone calls with a single touch/hear in both ears.
  • Enjoy complete clarity: wireless contact between mobile phone and hearing aids
  • Enjoy simplicity of use - no technical knowledge required, and no 'whistling'.
  • 'Manage' irritating Tinnitus.

Heybridge Hearing Centre (Registered with the Health & Care Professions Council) provides free hearing assessment, demonstration and easy-to-follow explanation how to use this (paid-for/'private') technology to revolutionise the lives of those with hearing impairment: plus unlimited free follow-up appointments/advice as required.

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