Over One Million NEOVA® DNA Damage Control SILC SHEER Sold

New 2.0 Formula Fully Complies with FDA Sunscreen Monograph; Increases Protection from Sunburn to Skin by 300% In One Hour

Apr 03, 2012, 08:15 ET from PhotoMedex, Inc.

MONTGOMERYVILLE, Pa., April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PhotoMedex, Inc. (Nasdaq: PHMD) a leading supplier of advanced clinical skincare and medical laser products, is among the first to market with its NEOVA® SmartSunscreen DNA Damage Control SILC SHEER 2.0 SPF 40, a treatment sunscreen that provides advanced protection from the risks of skin cancer and premature aging and the cosmetic benefit of a perfect finish.

Selling more than one million of SILC SHEER, this SmartSunscreen has earned the respect of thousands of dermatologists, and hundreds of thousands of consumers across the nation – a milestone for any professionally sold brand.

"SILC SHEER is even smarter today and ahead of the market in more ways than one: it's fully compliant with the new FDA broad-spectrum mandate, its DNA repair technology restricts the appearance of sun-inflicted damage and it delivers a spectacular cosmetic finish on contact," said Dr. Dolev Rafaeli, CEO, PhotoMedex.

NEOVA® SILC SHEER 2.0 provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB photoprotection with the aesthetic benefit of a skin-perfecting sheer tint that evens out skin tone. With micronized Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, organic blockers and DNA repair enzymes, SILC SHEER 2.0 works to reduce the risks of skin cancer and early skin aging, both caused by photodamage from sun exposure. DNA Damage Control SILC SHEER 2.0 contains DNA repair enzymes that have shown to increase protection from sunburn to skin by 300% in one hour (1) and is water-resistant up to 80 minutes.

SILC SHEER was the recipient of the Daily Glow award for the Biggest Breakthrough "Sunscreen with Superpowers." DNA Damage Control SILC SHEER 2.0 is now shipping to physicians nationwide and will be available online at www.neova.com for MSRP $45.00, 2.5 oz.

SILC SHEER was also recently showcased at the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Beauty Insiders' Choice Awards Event in New York City. Thousands of beauty executives gathered to sample this and other best-in-class beauty products of the year in preparation for final voting. The Beauty Industry's highest honor, The CEW Beauty Insiders' Choice Awards, recognize the most innovative beauty products of the year, as voted by CEW members, industry professionals and experts in the field of beauty.

ABOUT PhotoMedex PhotoMedex is a global skin health company providing integrated disease management and aesthetic solutions to dermatologists, professional aestheticians and consumers. The company provides proprietary products and services that address skin diseases and conditions including psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, actinic keratosis (a precursor to certain types of skin cancer) and photo damage. Its experience in the physician market provides the platform to expand its skin health solutions to spa markets, as well as traditional retail, online and infomercial outlets for home-use products. As a result of its December 2011 merger with Radiancy Inc., PhotoMedex has added a range of home-use devices under the no!no!™ brand, for various indications including hair removal, acne treatment and skin rejuvenation. The company also offers a professional product line for acne clearance, skin tightening, psoriasis care and hair removal sold to physician clinics and spas.

ABOUT Radiancy, Inc. Radiancy, Inc. is a leader in the medical and aesthetic skin care market. Their core belief that everyone is entitled to quality skin care has driven them to redefine expectations in order to deliver smart skin solutions to the wide range of professionals and consumers possible. Radiancy opened its doors in 1998 with an idea and a vision; to make quality light-based skin care available for everyone. Within a few years, Radiancy revolutionized phototherapy with the introduction of Light & Heat Energy (LHE) technology, with their premier system, SpaTouch, offering a safer, more efficient photoepilation process. By 2002, Radiancy had captured an unprecedented 37% of the market share and took its place as a global leader for medical and aesthetic light-base systems. Radiancy then adapted LHE to develop a line of LHE MicroPhototherapy products. Radiancy is also the home of the no!no!™ family of products.

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(1) Stege H, Roza L, Vink AA, et. Al. Enzyme plus light therapy to repair DNA damage in ultraviolet-B-irradiated human skin. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 2000; 97(4)

SOURCE PhotoMedex, Inc.