Ovuline's New Ovia App Turns Your Smartphone into a Personalized Pregnancy Guide

Revolutionary app harnesses millions of data points to provide expectant mothers with individual feedback on daily progress, educating & empowering them throughout their pregnancy experience

Nov 14, 2013, 09:00 ET from Ovuline

BOSTON, Nov. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ovuline, the leader in using big data and machine learning for women's health, today announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind real-time pregnancy tracking app, Ovia Pregnancy. Ovia is the result of over a year of development, hundreds of interviews with obstetricians and pregnant women, and analysis of more than 25 million data points submitted by Ovuline users.

"Throughout pregnancy, women are searching for answers to important questions, such as 'What does this symptom mean for me?', 'How is my baby doing?', and 'Is what I'm feeling normal?'" said Gina Nebesar, VP of Product Development for Ovuline. "Ovia brings together health data points from multiple sources, personalizes content for each woman's unique pregnancy, and provides a meaningful resource for the 100 million women who are pregnant each year."

Ovia's real-time feedback is tailored to the individual woman and her baby's development, providing information about her pregnancy's progress, encouragement about her healthy habits, and warnings about potential risks.

One of the app's groundbreaking features is the critical alert, which gives personalized warnings when a woman reports symptoms that may indicate a potential pregnancy complication, such as preeclampsia or anemia. Ovia analyzes the information a woman reports via the app and health trackers (such as Fitbit and Withings) and provides immediate feedback based on her unique pregnancy.

Ovia Pregnancy Features:
Ovia is the most robust pregnancy app to date, offering tools to monitor key health indicators, including:

  • Weight, nutrition, exercise, steps, and blood pressure logging
  • Symptoms and moods reporting
  • Medication and food lookup
  • Kick counter and contraction timer
  • Charts and checklists that can be shared via email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter

The Future of Women's Reproductive Health:
The launch of Ovia Pregnancy is the next step in the company's mission to build a complete health platform for women. Ovuline plans to release products that provide personalized health tracking and feedback for women and their children in the critical first years of a child's life.

"Ovuline built the largest research database on pregnancy and fertility, and it's growing by over 1 million data points every 3 days," said Paris Wallace, CEO of Ovuline. "Imagine all of the questions we can answer about women trying to conceive and going through pregnancy. We're thinking big: connections that link pre-conception health and symptoms during pregnancy to the child's development in infancy. Thanks to our proprietary personal health platform, we have amazing analytical potential – we can uncover insights that will shape the health of future generations."

Wallace added, "This is quantified self 2.0. You're getting specific feedback and actionable information, not just passive tracking."

Ovuline has raised more than $2.75 million to jumpstart the beginning of a revolution in women's health.

Ovia Pregnancy is available immediately as a free iOS app. To learn more about Ovia Pregnancy, please visit http://www.ovuline.com/ovia-pregnancy.  

About Ovuline
Ovuline is the first company to help couples conceive faster and have healthier pregnancies by using big data and machine learning. Ovuline's mission is to empower women to understand how their overall health affects their fertility and pregnancy. Using personalized predictions and real-time feedback, Ovuline has helped hundreds of thousands of women worldwide get pregnant faster and have healthier pregnancies. With the launch of its MyQ tool in August 2013, Ovuline enabled women to join a community-driven research effort to understand how overall health factors relate to pregnancy.

Ovuline's team includes Harvard scientists, fertility experts, and parents. Ovuline completed Boston Techstars in November 2012 and is venture-backed by Lightbank, LionBird, Launch Capital, and Techstars founder and CEO David Cohen.

For more information, visit http://ovuline.com.

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