Ovuline's users now report a pregnancy every four minutes; women's reproductive health company grew users 784% in 2013

Boston-based Ovuline releases 2013 growth numbers, including 50,000 reported pregnancies driven by big data fertility and pregnancy mobile apps

Feb 26, 2014, 10:32 ET from Ovuline

BOSTON, Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Ovuline, the leader in big data and machine learning for women's health, announced its 2013 growth numbers today, including 50,000 reported pregnancies (or currently one every four minutes). The company also revealed significant year-over-year increases:

  • 784% increase in users
  • 4166% increase in user-submitted data points to 50M total (a current rate of 1M every three days)
  • 3x increase in the company's majority female team, from five to fifteen

Ovia Pregnancy joined Ovuline's existing product portfolio, including Ovia Fertility, which helps users conceive up to three times faster than the national average. Ovia Fertility provides women a daily Fertility Score based on the personal information they log each day, such as moods, cervical fluid, and period data. Users of both apps can import their data with wearable health devices, including from Ovuline partners Fitbit, Jawbone, and Withings.

The venture-backed company capped 2013 with the launch of Ovia Pregnancy, available on iOS and web, that harnesses tens of millions of data points to provide expectant mothers with individual feedback on their daily progress. Unlike other pregnancy apps, Ovia provides unique feedback to users, including alerting women when their symptoms could be dangerous.

January 2014 research from Yale School of Medicine showed that many women harbor misconceptions about basic fertility facts, demonstrating a need for education. "We empower women with community-driven research and data," said Gina Nebesar, co-founder and VP of Product. "At a time when only three percent of tech companies have female founders, we're proud of our female-first, user-driven culture." Ovuline's diverse management team includes genetics and fertility experts, data scientists, engineers, and parents.

"We're taking on fertility and pregnancy myths with over 50 million data points," said Paris Wallace, co-founder and CEO. "We're finding correlations that have never been discovered. It's time women had real science on their side." Wallace founded Good Start Genetics in 2007, which has helped thousands of parents have healthier pregnancies through genetic carrier screenings. "We look forward to continued explosive growth and the positive change we're bringing to couple's lives," Wallace said.

In 2014, Ovuline plans to release products that provide personalized health tracking and feedback for women, couples, and their children, including Android support and major health brand partnerships. The company has raised more than $2.75 million to date.

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About Ovuline
Ovuline is the first company to help couples conceive faster and have healthier pregnancies by using big data and machine learning. Ovuline's mission is to empower women to understand how their overall health affects their fertility and pregnancy. Using personalized predictions and real-time feedback, Ovuline has helped hundreds of thousands of women worldwide get pregnant faster and have healthier pregnancies. Ovuline enables women to join a community-driven research effort to understand how health factors relate to pregnancy.

Ovuline's team includes Harvard scientists, fertility experts, and parents. Ovuline completed Boston Techstars in November 2012 and is venture-backed by Lightbank, LionBird, Launch Capital, and Techstars founder and CEO David Cohen.

For more information, visit http://ovuline.com.

Sarah A. Downey

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