Aug 31, 2010, 10:30 ET from MECHTRONIX SYSTEMS

World Leading Flight Training Organization to Integrate Ascent(R) Jet Trainer(TM) and Ascent(R) Flight Trainer(TM) in MPL Curriculum

MONTREAL, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ - Mechtronix Systems Inc., an MWC company, a world leading manufacturer of Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD), today announced the purchase of two FSTD's by Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) for their Australian training center based in Melbourne, VIC. The order consists of an Ascent(R) Jet Trainer(TM) and an Ascent(R) Flight Trainer(TM); the first is configured as a regional jet and will be used for MCC training in a jet environment and jet orientation courses while the second will be used for IR training. It closely replicates a Cessna C172S. Both units are ideally suited to meet the challenges of MCC and MPL implementation in Australia and will be installed in the course of 2010.

"We selected Mechtronix' FSTD's for our Australian base as once again they proved to have the best product offering matching our specific requirements," said Mr. Anthony Petteford, OAA's Managing Director. "We trust them to have the most innovative training tools with the highest level of fidelity which is crucial for our determination to offer quality-oriented flight courses and raise training standards in Australia. Many factors were key in our decision to renew our trust in Mechtronix, such as their worldwide references as well as their experience and involvement with schools offering MPL programs. We already use Ascent(R) Jet Trainers(TM) at our training base in the UK and we knew this equipment would work well in the Australian context."

"We are very excited to work again with a top-flight aviation academy like OAA and develop our list of references in Australia", said Mechtronix Systems President Hervé. "OAA is a longstanding customer and their renewed trust in our technology testifies of the efficiency of our simulation solutions in the long term. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art flight training solutions will be a key component in OAA's effort to implement MCC and MPL high quality training standards in Australia."

The Ascent(R) Jet Trainer(TM), configured as a Regional Jet, will provide exceptional fidelity via a RSI Image Generator as well as an extended visual library representing Australian airports. Featuring fully functional FMS with RNAV and GNSS approach capabilities, the FSTD will familiarize the students with the advanced automated flight deck environment. The device will be qualified JAR FSTD A FNPT II MCC under EASA regulations and will be compliant with ICAO FSTD Type 2 requirements. The Ascent(R) Flight Trainer(TM), reflecting the newest "S" version of the Cessna 172, will integrate real Garmin 1044B GDU enabling the students to train for IR in a high fidelity environment. The unit will meet and exceed FTD Level 5 as per FAA 14 CFR Part 60 Change 1 equivalent to JAR-FSTD A FNPT II. Both FSTD's will be inspected by the British Civil Aviation Authorities (UK CAA).

About Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA)

OAA is one of the World's leading independent providers of: innovative airline pilot, cabin crew, maintenance training and aviation resourcing services. It is truly unique in its ability to offer a fully integrated global flight crew supply chain. With locations in Beijing, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hong Kong, London (Gatwick), London (Heathrow), Manchester, Melbourne, Oslo, Oxford, Phoenix, Shannon, Stockholm and Tokyo, OAA is able to provide integrated "Total Training Solutions" tailored to meet the particular needs of any airline customer worldwide. OAA operates: 105 training aircraft, 64 simulators and 10 training centres delivering an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of aviation training courses. OAA's 3 ab Initio airline pilot training schools are amongst the World's most respected and have trained over 26,000 professional pilots during the past 50 years. Parc Aviation, OAA's resourcing division, is the global market leader in providing aviation personnel on lease to airlines and aviation support organisations; currently providing more than 800 personnel contracted to 50 airlines in 30 different countries. OAA is owned by STAR Capital Partners and the GE Corporation. For more information, please visit www.oaa.com.

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