PA Coal Alliance cites cost and reliability concerns with proposed emission standards

Jun 02, 2014, 14:12 ET from Pennsylvania Coal Alliance

MONESSEN, Pa., June 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. EPA's proposed emission standards for existing coal-fired power plants would drive up electricity costs and threaten the reliability of the power supply while failing to curb global greenhouse gasses, the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance said today.

"Once again, federal regulators are pushing impractical standards without regard for their consequences," Alliance CEO John Pippy said.  "Those consequences include driving up electricity prices and eliminating the most reliable power source from the nation's energy portfolio.  Moreover, as developing nations increase their reliance on coal, it will put this country at a competitive disadvantage, and global greenhouse gas emissions will increase rather than decrease.

"As the country's second-largest energy producing state, Pennsylvania will be hit particularly hard.  Thousands of direct coal industry jobs will be lost in the 30 Pennsylvania counties that produce coal, and an even greater number of indirect jobs will be lost throughout all other sectors of the state's economy."

"A commonsense approach that reduces emissions within what science and technology allow would create a win-win scenario that preserves jobs and maintains reasonable electricity prices.  We don't need to choose between the economy and the environment.  We can address both with collaboration between regulators and all energy stakeholders."

The Pennsylvania Coal Alliance was founded in 2012 to educate citizens and policymakers about the coal industry in Pennsylvania.  For more information about the Alliance, visit  To read the Pennsylvania Economy League of Greater Pittsburgh's study of the coal industry's economic impact in Pennsylvania, click here.

SOURCE Pennsylvania Coal Alliance