PA Cyber Charter School Hosts Information Expos across Pennsylvania

Mar 15, 2010, 14:25 ET from Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

'What is a cyber school? How does it work?'

MIDLAND, Pa., March 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- It has been 10 years since the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School opened as the state's first K-12 public cyber charter school, yet families still have many questions about what these schools are and how they can help their students to succeed.

PA Cyber will offer answers in a series of free Information Expos across Pennsylvania during the month of March. The event theme is "The Power of 10," in honor of PA Cyber's 10th anniversary.

Families may register to attend on school's website,

Info-Expos are scheduled at Allentown on March 16, Scranton March 17, Philadelphia March 23, Harrisburg March 24 and Erie March 30. Each event runs 5-8 p.m. Teachers, administrators, admissions counselors and technical support staff are to be present at each site.

"People want to see what the curriculum looks like, what equipment and materials they receive, and how the technical and instructional support systems work," said Jill Karwoski, PA Cyber's Harrisburg Academy Leader. She coordinates the Information Expos along with Director of Family Services Jane Camp.

A brief presentation on the school's history and organization is offered at 5:30 p.m. During the three-hour event, families may visit several information stations.

  • Virtual Classroom teachers demonstrate how students participate in classes over the internet in real time using audio headsets and digital writing tablets. (PA Cyber offers both real-time and self-paced classes.)
  • Student Achievement staff show how Scantron and other tests pinpoint academic areas in which individual students are behind, and demonstrate programs including Study Island, Academy of Reading and Academy of Math to bring them up to grade level.
  • Technical Support staff demonstrate laptop computers and other technology supplied free of charge to students, and show how technical problems are quickly resolved with remote access software.
  • Online curriculum choices, including Little Lincoln, Lincoln Interactive and Calvert, are displayed, with state-certified teachers answering questions about how exams, classwork, and teacher interaction is done online. (National Network of Digital Schools designs, develops and distributes Little Lincoln and Lincoln Interactive, the nation's premier online K-12 curricula.)
  • Family Link staff show the many social opportunities offered to cyber families, including ski outings, symphony concerts, plays, museums and nature area visits.
  • Admissions counselors will explain that a face-to-face interview with the student and a parent is required upon enrollment so they fully understand their responsibilities.

At two recent Information Expos held in Pittsburgh and Greensburg, "parents asked a lot of very specific questions," said Karwoski. "They want to talk in person and not just rely on what they read on the website. Before they make the choice for cyber school, they want to understand what they're getting into."

"Families usually look at cyber school because in one way or another their school is not meeting their child's needs," said Jane Camp. "Cyber school may be a good fit for them or it may not. Attending an Information Expo can help parents make an informed decision in the best educational interests of their child."

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