Pace Wellness Enters Into Acquisition Agreement For Breakthrough Oral Thin-Film Technology

Consolidation will allow Pace to Develop OTF Drugs From Conception to Commercialization Under One Roof

Jul 21, 2015, 11:00 ET from Pace Wellness

CHANDLER, Ariz., July 21, 2015 Pace Wellness has entered into an acquisition agreement for the intellectual property and patent portfolio of its manufacturing partner of oral thin-film (OTF) technology. Solves Strips™ Low Dose aspirin 81mg, Pace's flagship product, will revolutionize the way medicine is administered.

Pace has everything in place to develop new products from its regulatory-compliant FDA and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing facility in California.

The OTF drug delivery platform technology opens up boundless opportunities for product development by evolving existing drugs from pill or liquid form to oral thin-film. Pace and their manufacturing partner have successfully loaded 11 active ingredients – and over 200mg – on oral thin-film.  It is the only OTF developer that has advanced the technology to the point that countless existing drugs can be stabilized into an oral dissolvable strip platform with the same or better efficacy. In addition, Pace can deliver novel drugs and soon-to-expire patented drugs on a new drug-delivery platform.

Pace's Solves Strips™ will revolutionize the way medicine is administered. The oral thin-film just needs to be placed in the mouth and moistened with saliva. The OTF technology benefits healthcare providers, patients and consumers by simplifying the way medicine is taken and given. Products are scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2016.

Due to demand, Pace has expedited the commercial release of Solves Strips™ Pediatric Electrolyte. The OTF delivery system vastly improves upon conventional drug delivery systems for young children with increased effectiveness and optimal outcomes when swallowing or chewing a solid dosage is daunting, difficult or impossible. The product is scheduled to be available in Q3 2015.

"The demand for oral dissolvable pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products – as demonstrated by our pre-sales – have dictated that we raise capital to consolidate our OTF drug delivery system for the development of oral thin-film products from conception to commercialization," said Cameron McFarlane, CEO of Pace.  "The value proposition is so strong. Why should caregivers of children or the elderly struggle to administer a pill?  Or pet owners stress over hiding tablets in the food? Our goal is to move forward, making pills a thing of the past."

About Pace Wellness

Pace is an oral thin-film (OTF) technology innovator and manufacturer that uses an advanced, patented drug-delivery platform to make oral dissolvable pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products including Solves Strips™ and PAW Strips™ for dogs and cats. Using patented OTF technology, Pace has the ability to load and stabilize unprecedented volumes and numbers of active ingredients onto oral thin-film. Pace is currently seeking $10 million in capital to consolidate its operations and offer pharmaceutical companies a turnkey model and superior OTF drug delivery system for the development of OTF products from conception to commercialization under one roof.

About Aspirin 81

Solves Strips™ Low Dose aspirin 81mg, an easy-to-administer 81mg dose of aspirin in the form of an oral thin-film, is the flagship product of Pace. Using patented technology, the product is the only oral thin-film (OTF) that has an active ingredient loading capacity of 81mg on a multi-layer strip compared to the industry max of 70mg on a single-layer strip. The oral thin-film just needs to be placed in the mouth and moistened with saliva.

About Oral Thin-Film (OTF)

An OTF is a fast dissolving oral strip designed to carry a supplement, nutraceutical, or pharmaceutical quickly into the blood stream while masking the flavor of the active ingredient. When placed on the tip or the floor of the tongue, OTFs are instantly wet by saliva, rapidly hydrate and then disintegrate and/or dissolve to release the medication for local and/or systematic absorption. Films have all the advantages of tablets (precise dosage, easy administration) and those of liquid dosage forms (easy swallowing, rapid bioavailability).


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