Packpin Launches Plug-and-Play Shipment Tracking Solution That Increases Ecommerce Upsell Revenue by up to 10%

Jul 02, 2015, 09:00 ET from Packpin

AMSTERDAM, July 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Netherlands based announces the launch of a solution for open source e-commerce management software Magento and API for tailor made webshops. With 500 million shipments sent from e-commerce globally every day, the extension allows businesses to give tracking information directly to their customers on their own website, instead of redirecting this valuable traffic to carrier websites that cannot monetize this stream. So far, the solution has generated an increase of up to 10% in revenue for its client websites, after a simple 10-min implementation process.

Additional sales opportunities for retailers 

Packpin, now part of the Rockstart accelerator program in Amsterdam, started as a simple tracking website where anyone on the Internet could copy-and-paste basic information to track their shipping progress. Packpin saw enormous potential in the 2.3 billion visits to websites being thrown away for packages sent daily, and decided to capture these wasted visits to logistics company websites and turn them into additional sales opportunities for retailers.

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With this extension, Packpin is helping to improve the customer experience, while also increasing sales and basket size of ecommerce clients. In the U.S. e-commerce market which, according to a study by the Forrester Research Inc, is predicted be worth $414 billion by 2018, Packpin is set to help build the strongest relationships possible with their clients and maximize their market share and profit-making capabilities.

Giving retailers up to five additional cross-selling opportunities 

Using Packpin, customers can track their ordered products' shipping status directly from the retail website, increasing the client's time spent in the virtual store and encouraging further engagement. The extension also sends white label email notifications to the clients, letting them know how the shipment of their product is going, as well as giving retailers up to five additional cross-selling opportunities to offer their already receptive audience.

"In testing our email notification service, Packpin has recorded an 80.5% open rate and a further 60.3% of customers who click through and visit the seller's website. Compared to any other mailing type these numbers are much better than even we anticipated. We find that customers track their packages an average of 4.6 times. If this number is multiplied with the open-rate and click-through-rate percentages, one will quickly understand the potential cross sales results that Packpin can yield," says Vytis Radvila, CEO of Packpin.

More than 70 international carriers 

Packpin currently offers package tracking to more than 70 international carriers to anyone on the Internet with a simple copy-paste of tracking numbers. This number is increasing everyday as the company is constantly adding new carriers upon customer requests.

Larger enterprises such as Amazon already offer a similar service, but most small-to-medium businesses do not have the capital or expertise to build a platform which can compete with this. Packpin's aim is to help change this dynamic.

"We hope to bring effective cross sales to small and medium size online retailers who otherwise struggle to gain a loyal customer base," adds Radvila.


Packpin started as a simple tracking website where anyone on the Internet could copy-paste tracking numbers and then get back tracking information on their product shipment. The founders saw a large market opportunity to aggregate tracking information that retail websites receive-500 million shipments per day, and 4.6 trackings per package-and create a website to keep the information in one place. They then concluded that they could divert this traffic back to e-commerce sites where the orders were made, and that's where the idea the Magento Packpin extension was born. More information:

Vytis Radvila, CEO
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