Pain Management Solutions for a Patient Suffering From Chronic Pain

Dec 11, 2013, 02:00 ET from Sanovation

ZURICH, December 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Pain management as an independent medical field has been significantly growing during the last few decades. Doctors and clinics specialize in the treatment of pain in general and chronic pain specifically. These specialists often suggest using a pain diary to track the pain, see its development and adjust the treatment accordingly. CatchMyPain is an electronic version of such a pain diary and a great solution for patients suffering from chronic pain. With the continuously rising numbers of users, CatchMyPain offers support to more and more patients every day.

Tracking the disease symptoms and understanding the treatment success

With the CatchMyPain App patients can track and observe their disease symptoms. They can draw the location of the pain on a model of a body and specify the time of occurrence, intensity, level of happiness and so forth. Moreover, they can add additional information, e.g. their side effects or their drug intake. The course of the pain and related features are shown in a chart and can easily be observed. The patient has moreover the option to share the pain diary with his doctor and together they can control the success of the treatment.

The CEO of CatchMyPain wanted to explain his back pain to his Dr

The CEO behind CatchMyPain, Daniel Lawniczak, first came up with this idea, because he himself was suffering from chronic pain. He was using pain drawings and showed them to his doctor. Thanks to the drawings the doctor recognized several patterns and was able to treat him accordingly. "I want to share my treatment success with fellow sufferers and help fight chronic pain. That is why I started working on CatchMyPain with my Start-up Sanovation," Lawniczak says.

Insights for the doctor and the pain patient

Although CatchMyPain clearly aims to help the communication between the patient and his doctor and helps to control the success of the treatment, there is more to it: Soon patients will be able to find other patients similar to them and exchange their experiences about treatments and about getting along with chronic pain in daily life. The goal is to create a huge global database with anonymized information about pain and its treatment. This data will be used to foster research. It will elevate the value of CatchMyPain even more and help fight chronic pain thoroughly.


SOURCE Sanovation