Pairasight, Announced At CES 2013

Embeddable, Hands Free, Camera technology creates International Buzz

Jan 21, 2013, 08:00 ET from Pairasight Inc

PLEASANT LAKE, Mich., Jan. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Pairasight Inc, a Michigan start-up company, has introduced revolutionary prototype POV-camera technology: a Pairasight-enabled eyewear device that can stream 1080p HD video live from the users perspective, and allow that user to share their experiences, in real-time, with the world. Pairasights are powered by a Somthings System-on- Module. (

Founder and CEO Chris Salow demonstrated his Pairasight-enabled eyewear live on the TechCrunch stage at CES 2013, streaming point of view ("POV") 1080p HD video.  Pairasight eyewear streams video in real-time, so a person can put the glasses on, press the stream button, and send video directly to The Pairasight team is also developing 3D(stereoscopic) video and augmented reality technology for the eyewear.

Pairasight's approach is to support the development of devices that can be used in many different vertical markets. The company will focus on DIY/hobbyist and Security applications, and provide hardware, software and licensing to support other industries such as entertainment, medical, military etc.

"If you're working on a project and you need assistance, you can put on the glasses and call an expert and they will be able to see what you see in real-time, with both hands free," says Salow. "With two speakers and two mics, you can actually communicate back and forth through the device and get the assistance needed to create a solution."

Later this year, Team Pairasight will conduct Customer Discovery with a pre-production run of 100 pairs of glasses for strategic partners and developers, to increase traction, gain momentum, and change the way we share our world.

Pairasight is currently looking for partners that would like to pursue those opportunities through such an incubator program. To learn more about Pairasight and to stay up to date on their status visit or find Pairasight Inc on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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