Pairin to Launch Pre-Employment Solutions to "Flip" Hiring Process

Emphasizes Behavioral DNA First, Then Experience, Reducing Employee Turnover and Time Spent up to 80 Percent

Feb 06, 2013, 08:00 ET from Pairin, Inc.

DENVER, Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Pairin, Inc. announced today that it has entered the cloud-based pre-employment selection category of the fast-growing eRecruitment solutions market. The Denver-based company plans to launch its portfolio of web-based SaaS applications by mid-February 2013.

These offerings help organizations focus the hiring process on a candidate's behavioral DNA and potential for success, instead of the time-consuming evaluation of a resume's historical data.

Founded by Dr. Ron Young and Michael L. Simpson, Pairin leverages more than 50 years of proven science and provides a simple 10-minute online test and turn-key service designed to help organizations successfully select applicants with the best potential. Pairin identifies optimal interview candidates based on the modeling of existing top employees in the same positions according to 137 peak performance drivers, thereby eliminating the need to individually evaluate each resume.

"The traditional hiring process is backwards," said Simpson, co-founder and CEO. "The bulk of the effort and cost spent is sifting through piles of resumes containing historical data like education and experience, but the information is often unreliable and once hired, very little, if any, of it contributes to a person's success."

For more than 30 years, Dr. Young, a Ph.D. in Psychology and executive coach, conducted in-depth research to develop the performance drivers to improve hiring and employee retention. Pairin brings to market two solutions reflecting a decade long product development cycle, including:

  • 10 years of custom implementations with multiple customers
  • One year of intense testing of the prototype cloud service approach
  • Six months of thorough beta testing and customer trials

Early implementations have proven to both lower employee turnover and improve the hiring process up to 80 percent.

The proprietary science behind Pairin's pre-employment solutions enables companies to regain control of the hiring process before interviews are even extended by eliminating wasted time and energy on endless resumes often containing false information. Instead, companies can model their workforces based on the unique qualities of their existing top performers in any position. The end result is improved and sustained employee and organizational performance.

"More than 60 percent of employees believe they are poor fits for their jobs," said Simpson. "Clearly, it is time to begin the selection process by accurately predicting the candidate's likelihood to succeed when compared to existing top performers."

Pairin will offer two web-based solutions. Job Pairin includes a complete applicant tracking system and custom-branded website that can integrate with a business's existing eRecruitment solution. Job Pairin compares applicants to the company's Gold Standard that is automatically created for each position, thus providing the most accurate results possible. Job Pairin costs $199 per month to assess unlimited employees and unlimited applicants against one job listing.

Employee Pairin compares a top applicant to a single top employee and costs $49 for a one-to-one test and 30 day job posting. Additional applicants are just $29 each. Free, fully functional 30-day trials are available to evaluate the products.

All Pairin pre-employment solutions are delivered via cloud computing and accessible through web-enabled platforms, desktop applications and mobile devices.

For more information, including registering for a free Job Pairin trial, taking a product demo or determining how Pairin can help an organization through its ROI calculations, please visit or call 1-855-PAIRIN-NOW (724-7466).

Pairin, Inc., a pioneer developer of web-based SaaS applications for the pre-employment selection market, helps organizations by focusing the hiring process on the person first, and then assessing historical data, like experience. Founded by Dr. Ron Young and Michael L. Simpson and based on more than 50 years of proven science, Pairin identifies optimal interview candidates through the modeling of existing top employees in the same positions according to 137 peak performance drivers. Instead of wasting valuable time and energy on endless resumes often containing false information, hiring managers and HR professionals can better focus attention on qualified applicants demonstrating the behaviors and characteristics of their most-valued and dedicated employees. Pairin streamlines and improves hiring by making it more predictable and removing guesswork.

SOURCE Pairin, Inc.