Pajamas Media Becomes PJ Media

Oct 25, 2011, 10:50 ET from PJ Media

Independent news and commentary organization enhances platform for "voices from a free America"

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Oct. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Pajamas Media today announced it has changed its name to PJ Media to reflect the organization's evolution, growth and maturity.  Since 2005, the company has shed light on issues that are important to Americans through its insightful reporting, commentary and analysis, making a must-read for 1.4 million readers consuming 20 million page views each month.  Now as, they will continue to make the voices of their writers and contributors heard as well as amplify the voices of other Americans who wish to speak their minds and express their opinions freely.  PJ Media calls the mission they are on -- "voices from a free America."

"This evolution of our brand ushers PJ Media into a new era," said Simon. "We saw that people were worried that their rights and freedoms were deteriorating, and the next generation was going to be shackled with massive government debt.  We heard people's concerns about how the country was moving away from its founding principles and watched as Tea Party activists and others protested these changes.  It was clear that the time had come to shed our pajamas, change our name to PJ Media, and renew our commitment to the issues of freedom and liberty."

Beginning in 2005, Pajamas Media covered stories that others in the media initially passed by, including doctored climate change data, the gunrunners' scandal, Department of Justice voter fraud and the Ground Zero mosque.  As PJ Media, the company's websites will continue to act as a platform for the "voices from a free America."  Our writers, columnists, commentators and other contributors will stand up for free thought and speech in society, schools and media; a free and prosperous economy; a secure financial future for Americans; and preservation of what makes America great.

"This is an exciting time for PJ Media and a milestone we have been working toward for a long time," said Roger L. Simon, founding CEO of PJ Media.  "PJ Media has experienced extraordinary growth that really speaks to the talent of our writers and dedication of our staff.  Over the last six years, the PJ Media family has expanded and created a safe harbor for free speech to meet the ever-increasing public demand for independent news sources that celebrate the freedoms granted by the Constitution.  Our team is looking forward to taking our mission to the next level and delivering more exceptional investigative reporting, informative analysis and entertaining commentary through, and"

About PJ Media

PJ Media, formerly Pajamas Media, was launched in 2005 at the dawn of the Digital News Era.  Providing news and commentary via correspondents in more than 40 countries, PJ Media is home to some of America's most influential bloggers, including Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Ledeen, Glenn Reynolds, Claudia Rosett, "Spengler" David Goldman and many others.  Moreover, its distinguished lineup of PJ Columnists, including Zombie, Barry Rubin, Roger L. Simon and Stephen Green, is widely respected for their often comical and always honest punditry and insight.

In addition to the latest news and commentary, PJ Media is home to the PJ Tatler (breaking news and gossip from inside the beltway), PJ Lifestyle (the latest on TV, music, movies, fashion, technology and food), and Instapundit (one of the most influential blogs posting opinions on current events as well as Glenn Reynolds's personal notes).  PJM is also the go-to source for coverage of the Tea Party and Tea Party leaders.

You can find PJ Media at  It is the founding brand of PJ Media, LLC.  

About PJTV

From its headquarters in Los Angeles, Calif., PJTV is the first center-right television network to appear online.  The network debuted during the 2008 Republican National Convention where it served as the first new media organization to staff a television booth and compete with mainstream media networks.  

Since then, PJTV has evolved into a must-see source of video programming on the Internet for special reports on breaking news as well as unique programs like Afterburner with Bill Whittle; Instavision with Glenn Reynolds; Trifecta with Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle; Poliwood with Lionel Chetwynd and Roger L. Simon; and ZoNation with Alfonzo Rachel. Beginning in 2009, PJTV has provided full coverage of all facets of the grassroots Tea Party Movement, launching its Tea Party TV special programming.  Recently, PJTV released Freedom's Charter, its video series on the drafting of the U.S. Constitution.  

PJTV broadcasts daily from studios in Los Angeles, Calif, Washington, D.C., New York, N.Y. and Knoxville, Tenn.

You can find PJTV at  It is a major brand of PJ Media, LLC.

About the PJ Institute  

Providing empirical research from the world's top thought leaders, the PJ Institute offers timely and accurate academic analysis of the issues that frequently lead the news cycle.  As part of its National Economic Rescue Initiative (NERI), the PJ Institute quantified how Americans can be impacted financially in the coming years based on the U.S. government's deficit spending and resulting national debt.  The PJ Institute transforms its research data into interactive content that reveals how national issues influence our lives, culture and personal finances.

You can find the PJ Institute at  It is the research and education arm of PJ Media, LLC.

Contact: Danielle Howe